Animal House Tree House, Critiques?

  • @MirkaH I really enjoy this concept the only thing that seems odd to me is the tree branch angles. I'm really bad with trees so I have no room to say anything on this just thought I might point it out but over all I really like it!

  • @MirkaH I think it looks good so far. Its also a nice challenge to limit yourself to only a few tools. I would suggest something with the basement view, maybe bring the light down a little and not such a hard black outline. It almost seems like its on the grass vs being inside the grass.

  • @MirkaH
    Hey, you can change the setting of your brushes in Procreate as well and make your own brush. Also there's a lasso tool there, select the part with freehand and then click the select button and with your fingers you can maximise or minimise the size or move the selection. I also use procreate and do it all the time while drawing.

    Btw, the concept is good. You can give more effects to the drawing.

    Good luck!

  • Hey, hope you don't mind, I did a quick paint over. I think the scene could be filled out just a bit and the edges of the underground hole treated with a more textured edge.


    The painting overall is really lovely and appealing. Great work.

  • @TessW thanks. totally makes sense. Ill work on it again tonight. 🙂

  • 0_1497294918585_FB_IMG_1497294252947.jpg here is some of the changes I made. Not sure if the root in the front looks too forced. I might play around with it a bit more tomorrow night.

  • My feeling on this one is that it such a centered composition, getting to the boring side, but it is not boring! Maybe you could just crop it so that it is very tall and skinny, zoom in on the part that is really interesting. I don't think you need that much space around the tree. There just isn't as much going on outside of the tree.

  • @MirkaH I think adding one more root on the left might even it out a bit more and help. But the branch on the right hand side looks a lot better! I love the story with this its super cute I also think the outside background adds to the night time feel. So many fun little details I really enjoy!

  • Maed some more changes, to the bottom. Not sure if this image is going to load right. Can I save the image as a jpg from Adobe Sketch or does it always save in png? 0_1497302332727_FB_IMG_1497302207612.jpg

  • Fun concept! The different scenes and moments that are taking place in one composition really make it a fun illustration to go into! Turning out wonderful!