Hi Hi!

  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Felix and I am a graphic designer by training, but have been a website coder for... holy moley!!!! 17 years now... Specifically not what I want to do...

    I have published one book - it is really simple and am really excited!

    It doesn't have the illustrative depth of what I see here... My aim was to cross Mr Men style books with Sesame street and I think in those terms, I succeeded.

    I am still struggling to learn to be a better illustrator as I have many stories written down and in my head.

    It is easy to forget to draw or practice drawing because you are doing so many things...

    Especially inspiring is the Draw 50 Things lessons! I am part way through...

    Anyway, I am very excited to finally have joined the forum after being a subscriber for a few months now... I hope to be very active on this forum and hopefully helpful. HA!

    Here is a link to my book in Amazon (I self published through CreateSpace).




  • SVS OG

    Hi, Felix, and welcome! Your book looks super cute 🙂 Yes, it's easy to run out of time for practice, especially when there are so many great things to learn and your time is limited. But keep going, every little step in the right direction counts!

    I hope you find lots of inspiration here.


  • @Felixius Welcome abord! Lots of great ressources here!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Felixius welcome. You sound like the path I am on. School for graphic/web design and have worked for over 16 years as a UI designer. Illustration has always been my hobby and a way to unwind for all the chaos of life.

  • @Chip-Valecek lol yeah... I totally wanted to only design sites, but ended up coding them for other designers...



  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Felixius I have been with the same company since I was in college. At one point they had me developing cold fusion apps and learning .NET. But i just really wanted to do front end stuff. Over the 16 years I been there I am finally just doing front end work. Sometimes I get to do the designs if the creative department is to busy. I am glad I did learn how to develop. I sometimes will mess around with PHP if I am working with customizing something in Word Press or Joomla. Its good to be a jack of all trades.

  • @Chip-Valecek

    That's great! The advantage of working for a company is stability... something I haven't had. I am working with WP mainly and have been learning php. It is so flexible but learning from books has had me always worried about security - SQL injection etc... part of the reason I decided to use WP (and let someone else do that bit!).

    I never got into Javascript... which is where the magic happens...

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Hi Felix! Welcome! I've also been working with websites and didn't have time to draw. But now I don't take anymore web designing jobs and focus on practising drawing. I hope one day I can publish my own book too! 🙂


  • @tashaong That's great!

    I decided to publish my book so I can get some experience in getting it out there... overcome the fear of it all... etc...

    I wish I could spend all day drawing too!!! How cool!

    Is there a section of this forum where people can put their links to their books or websites? That would be cool to see everyone's work.

    I am so thankful for SVS' existence.

    Ann Whitford Paul Writing Picture Books has been the most important course so far for me...

    So much experience imparted.


  • Welcome to the forums- I can relate. I used to do website coding as well (HTML, CSS and WordPress PHP stuff) but it turned into really boring web maintenance and coding rather than focus on design when I did it for local clients and I developed depression over the years doing it and got health problems. Much happier now doing what I want to do for a change.

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