Benefits of Turbocharging your Creativity class

  • If you have a chance to take this class you need to do it. This is a note I posted to the instructors yesterday and decided to share it here as well.
    "David and Lee, I wanted to tell you your course was a God send. It came right at the perfect time; the beginning of a project I was starting -a chapter book, color cover and B&W interiors. Your puzzles for a dumb guy, thumbnailing and toning tricks saved me hours and hours of work. So far I have met all deadlines and will make my final deadline June 1 because of you both. Not to mention all my work was professional labeled and had my contact and logo 🙂 I am so honored to have had you as my mentors! Thanks! Hopefully I can share some of it soon:)"

  • @lmrush , I so agree with your posting! This class was amazingly applicable and gives such a boost in confidence, ability and techniques. A wonderful peer community to be a part of and to learn from!

  • Thanks guys! I'm so glad the class has helped you so much. We tried to make it as clear and understandable as possible. It's all the info david and I wished we received when we were students! Sadly, almost none of that was taught in my undergraduate degree!

  • Now to choose between whether I save up for this class or for the Live Portfolio Critique! Choices, choices....