Live Portfolio Critiques

  • Hey guys, we just launched a new LIVE portfolio critique class. This is an open enrollment class which I will be teaching. Open enrollment means that it's ongoing and you can sign up anytime. However, once we get enough students it will not be offered until slots open up. I wanted to announce it to you before we do an official launch later. Here's a link:

    Here's a quick description:

    Are you stuck on one particular image and need some help working it out? Do you want feedback on getting your entire portfolio looked at by a pro and help charting a path forward in your illustration career? We can help!

    With our Live Critiques, Lee will help you figure out what your next step should be. We offer three levels of help so you can pick the one that suites your needs the best.

    Tier 1: Single Image Critique $100

    Lee will talk to you in a live online meeting about the image you are working on. He will help you figure out what might not be working and he will show you how to fix it. He will do draw overs on your work and show you how to take it to the next level. This is a good choice if you are submitting an image to a competition or doing a single image for a client that you aren't totally happy with yet.

    Tier 2: Up to 5 image Crit: $300

    Lee will meet with you in an live online meeting and discuss a group of images. These images don't have to be related (but they can be). This tier might be good if you are working on a book project or if you need help getting your portfolio in shape.

    Tier 3: Full Portfolio and Career Package: $650

    Lee will meet with you in multiple live online meetings and go over all your work. He will look at your website and overall branding and make recommendations to get your work looking cohesive and professional. He will discuss marketing strategies with you and go over your overall business plan. This package is good for someone who is entering the field of illustration or anyone needing to update their portfolio and business so they get more work.

  • Do we need to have Skype or something like that for a live critque,sorry I am not very technical mined and just wondered how this would work?

  • @DOTTYP Having done a few SVS live critiques before, they are normally done with GoToMeeting software. It's free for us SVSers to use, you just download it and install it. Then when you click on the link given to you by SVS, it takes you to an online meeting where you can see the instructor's screen and watch their drawovers/listen to what they are saying about your work. If you want you can share your microphone and chat when it's your turn. The critiques are very useful, would recommend them for sure 🙂

  • @Lee-White I would love to sign up for a Tier 3 package, I've been looking forward to this announcement ever since you mentioned it a few months back. But I have a question about the scheduling:

    If I sign up, is there a given time frame for completing the multiple online meetings? As I've just signed up for the Illustration 1 course, I've already maxed out my personal art time for the summer, and I don't want to sign up for something else if I can't give it 100%... But, I'd have more time after it finishes, say from mid-September, even October. Is that too far away to sign up for this now? Should I wait until later?

    It would probably make more sense to do the portfolio review after doing Illustration 1 anyway, because I'd hope that there would be some art growth along the way.

  • @Dulcie Thanks Dulcie that makes sense and easy enough for me to understand.

  • @Dulcie You can sign up and we can just schedule when the best time for a crit is for you. Once you reserve your spot, I can work around whatever schedule you like.

    We can use our gotomeeting software for the meetings, or Skype, or even in person if you live close enough to me. All of these are good and we have used each extensively for crits.

    Let me know if you guys have any other questions at all about it. : )


  • @Lee-White Tier 3 sounds wonderful but I don't know if I have the confidence and commitment yet. I would need a LOT of help. I don't really want to enter the illustration field to work for others but I want to make 10 books, self-publish and sell them at this point in my life. I have my current book project, a store (that no one goes to) and a facebook page. I am not looking for a huge career but just to do my little projects and sell them because I'm older and my husband is retiring next June. It is more of a hobby job. Could you help me with those things? Going through my images with me as I finish my book so that it will be professional, help me enough to do my business on a small scale and be able to sell and at least break even on my books. I already have a business license, etc. I have been through the copyright process once. Worked with a local printer..I'm not really fabulous on the computer except for touching up my work.......probably talking too much. Anyway, that's what I am interested in. Thanks for reading this if you've gotten this far 🙂 Also, I'm horrible at keeping track of my records.

  • For tier 3, how many sessions, and how long will each session go for?

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen & @Eric-Castleman Tier three would vary depending on what you need. It would be a thorough look at your work, then throw some work away, and keep/touch up others. We may make plans to start some new images based on the discussion as well.

    We would talk about the branding of the work and also the marketing side of things as well. Discuss your website, etc. There would be a back and forth via email as well as meeting live online. This would be around 7-9 weeks of meetings and progress reports. I think of it like a regular class session where I ask you to do things and you report back to me on how it's going. Then a final wrap up to make sure you know where to take it from there.

  • @Lee-White that's awesome!!!! I will definitely be doing this after I have enough work.

    I was worried that the price was a bit high, but if it is that in depth, it is a great deal.

  • Sooo excited, hi @Lee-White I need to create a few more pieces and then I would love the Tier 3. Hopefully by late fall 🙂

  • @Lee-White Thank you. I'm going to strongly consider this! Thank you!

  • Wow, Teir 3 sounds amazing. That is now at the top of my wishlist! Gotta get done with this move first though.

  • @Lee-White Are any of these sessions private?
    Tier 1: Single Image Critique $100
    Tier 2: Up to 5 image Crit: $300
    Tier 3: Full Portfolio and Career Package: $650

  • they are all private