Mermaid WIP

  • Going at it for the SVS contest here is my rough sketch. I don't have much time to get this completed due to other projects. Let me know how the composition is working or any other changes before I clean up the linework. I plan I doing that tonight. I like to set goals to reach when I am working on a project. Otherwise in the words of Aaron Blaise I will just noddle to much. There have been reports of fishermen gone missing. Nothing left but their boats. Others have said they have seen a naked lady swimming in the water.

  • @Chip-Valecek Hey Chip this is looking good! I Have a few composition ideas that may or may not be a good fit but i did a quick cut and paste to show my thinking better -
    I think the main thing for me is the fishing line and the buoy seem to keep pulling off to the left away from the main story - i see that it is a no fishing zone though and maybe that is important - possibly you are planing on subduing these with color when you paint - i just wanted to see the drawing without them so i did the quick cut and paste - i moved the mermaid away a bit which feels like it clears the way for the giant fish to strike our unfortunate angler - i put the fishing line in the fish's mouth too which changes the story a bit and faded the line - i also wanted to tilt the boat a bit to give the impression that the man was pulling in something heavy - also slightly changed the gesture of the mermaid lure by tilting her upper torso back a bit - seems more alluring somehow this way with the distance and the tilt - just a bunch of random thoughts really - i know it will turn out no matter what you decide - i look forward to your finish on this! (pretty cool to have a monthly challenge again 🙂

  • Great feedback, that gives the piece more action. I like the boat being rotated, i will push that even more like the fish is dragging him down. I turned the fish up toward the boat and moved the mermaid over a little. I would like to keep her close to the guy.

  • I also just changed the fisherman to be looking at the mermaid vs the fish coming up. So he is more shocked to see her and not sure of what is about to happen.

  • Here is the cleaned up lines. Started on background and hopefully will have local color in by tomorrow.

  • Hi, interesting picture;) However, ive notticed that the hook could look better if turned horizontally, as if the fish ate smth from the hook n got caught. Also i am not sure about guys face. I think there is smth wrong with his right cheek. Hope it helps:)

  • Here is my final piece. Thanks for the feedback @aska and @Kevin-Longueil