Hello Everyone!

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    Here's yet another introduction and "hi!" I've only been a subscriber to SVSLearn for about a month or so, but I've been lurking on the forums and enjoying all the wonderful art people have been sharing.

    I've had a handful of college art classes, but I'm mostly self-taught. My day job isn't art related at all, so I spend my days bored and yearning to get home and get to my artsy stuff 🙂

    Someday when I'm feeling brave or daring, I'll post an image or two, but for now I'm going to continue learning and admiring what YOU are all doing!

    Happy to "meet" you and be a part of this group!


  • @Kat hello and welcome :)i iam finance analyst that loves to draw and took a year off to develope in art. I totally understand working in smth that is not completely your dream job and then coming home and doing smth you love. I also understand that you are shy to show your stuff after you saw what other post. Each time i post my stuff, i feel super silly, but i do it, as i realise that i can learn quicker. And yet after only few days in the forum, i am very thankful to other artists, who took their time and showed what i could improve. Therefore iam gonna keep posting my silly stuff and i strongly persuad eyou to do the same;)

  • Hello Kat, I hope you find great success in your passive lurking style of admiring and learning! I believe everyone has something to contribute and we look forward to you sharing and growing even more through experimentation and critique. While you're waiting to post your own work I would love to hear your most constructively critical thoughts on my most recent image upon which I have been working.
    I saw the body posture from another image and wanted to give this a shot with my own style of digital painting that I have been watching @Will-Terry demonstrating for a short few recent years now. At first I was going to just draw a simple figure in the air but I wanted to add a background and now I am still wanting a little more story than what I feel I have now. I have progressed this to a value study and tried a few color comps but I am still willing to change anything you might suggest to improve the piece. I thank you in advance for your time in looking at this project and happy to 'meet' you too.
    0_1494566052354_Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.01.14 PM.png 0_1494566061444_Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.56.23 PM.png 0_1494566111831_Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.15.01 PM.png

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    @aska, thank you for the kind words. I'm sure that eventually I will feel better about showing my work. Someday 🙂 Just not yet. I'm sure that receiving feedback would help with learning, and hopefully I'll get over this reluctance quickly. I'd like to be a little better than I am now before I post anything, though.

    @WhiteboardJim , I'm in no position to give critiques, really. The character looks fun, and I like the action in his posture. I would say, though, that the planet was a little confusing at first, because of its placement right at the end of the breathing tube.

    See you all in the forums!

  • Hello Kat nice to meet you,I know exactly want you mean about doing a boring (non creative job) and I hope you can paint yourself into a new creative job.Good luck and welcome!

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    @DOTTYP thank you! There's so much to learn here that I'm quite hopeful about the future.

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    @Kat Welcome to the forums!

  • @Kat Thank you so much for the critique, I will be changing the position of the moon in the next draft. I can see how the current placement along with the end of the hose is causing some confusion, I might look at moving the 'air hose', that might solve the conundrum! Again, thank you for your thoughts, great insight!

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    Hey Kat! Welcome to the SVS forums. Be brave! As you've already noticed the forum is a pretty safe place to post your work and get good, constructive feedback.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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    @Jake-Parker Thanks, and yes I get a great feeling from the forum and the people here.

  • @Kat Welcome to SVS! Have fun.


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