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  • Hi y'all! It's been a while. I have had a very busy month. I'm looking at purchasing a Wacom Cintiq 13HD although I have been advised by a very amazing illustrator not and to and to do what I can to purchase a refurbished larger 20 something size model if I have to. My issue is I just can't afford it in the foreseeable future and want to get started now working in this capacity. Should I hold off or should I buy the Wacom Cintiq 13HD? It's a pressing issue for me at this moment. I really want to move in this direction and I'm at a crossroads. Is the screen so small it's not worth it???

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    There have been already many discussion on Cintiqs and other tablets on the forum. Here is one that talks also about sizes:


    I posted my thoughts about size there (though I summarize them once more: the 13`` is too small for working with Photoshop 😉 - if that is your choice, I would rather get an iPadPro.)

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    @Tyson-Ranes I have not touched the cintiq 13hd touch since I got the iPad Pro - a very large cintiq would be cool though - but the iPad Pro feels way more natural and responsive than the 13hd - more screen to draw on too with the iPad - I would wait and buy the larger cintiq

  • I'm in a similar situation, and I've found a temporary solution to avoid paying out too much money twice. I can't sketch on an Intuous, but I've found that I can render pretty easily. So at the moment I'm sketching traditionally, scanning my image and rendering with an Intuous. I think it was around fifty quid, so not as much of an investment as paying out for a 13hd I knew I'd ultimately replace at a later date. I've also seen a lot of people say that the 13hd is terrible to use, so that put me off it. I'm guessing if you're in the market for a screen-based tablet, you've probably already tried (and own) a standard graphics tablet. It's worth giving it a try, because it's a free solution to an otherwise expensive problem if you can make do for now. Just a thought 🙂

  • I bought mine about a year and a half ago, and while I still like the idea of upgrading someday, I love my 13HD! It has been so wonderful to work with and I really find I don't mind the size at all in my work flow. Being able to pull up the image on my computer screen at the same time helps that problem too. But this is my opinion. I haven't tried anything else, and I know a lot of people are loving the iPad now. 🙂

  • Hi I have a cintque 13hd,At first I could not use it at I thought the screen was to small, but recently realised I actually needed glasses,since then it has been great and I use it everyday. The 13hd is lovely to draw on ,but one think to consider is if you like to sit on the sofa with it on your lap it has to be attached to the computer it is not wireless. and the 3 in 1 cable wacom supply is very short and I cannot see a viable alternative for it.Also they keep updating the software nearly every week and each time i have to reset my pen settings.If I had to make my choice now i think i would have got the Ipad pro or something wireless,it is no fun rearranging the furniture so the cintque cable can reach the sofa also laying in bed painting sounds good. ,

  • in my own opinion, if u are a concept artist or training to become 1 and u cant afford a cintiq 13HD at the moment and u need a "digital" tool right now, just buy a intuos pro medium. (take sometimes to get used to it) easy to carry around all day long.
    in this industry tools arent really matter(some power tools will help u to do your work way faster), how u do your work doesnt really matter. the only matter is the end results.

  • even the wacom bamboo is ok for the price

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