Photoshop Brushes?

  • I've just started rendering my traditional sketches in Photoshop, and I don't like the way the standard brushes lay down colour. I've followed Will Terry's directions for a sketching pencil texture, but I'm wondering what people are using for colouring work. I'm a watercolourist, and I know getting that sort of look and feel is exceptionally difficult, so I guess I'm just looking for any sort of texture that has a more traditional, less digital feel. Recommendations?


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    Try checking out @Lee-White SVS class on creating brushes. Lots of good tips there and he does watercolor too. 😃

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Oh, is there a class? Now I feel like a numpty! I'll go and have a look. Thanks, lovely 🙂

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    definitely watch the brush class. In addition to that, I'd say that buying kyle's brush set is a good investment. They are very good and I use them all the time in addition to the ones I've created.

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    Customizing brushes is quite easy in Photoshop, and you can create some to mimic any type of traditional media. That said, I bought several of Kyle Webster's brush sets during the past year and I have been using only those since I bought the first. Some, especially his "Wamazing" watercolor brushes, give a look that is very very close to traditional watercolor.

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    Yep, Lee White class, just about everyone uses kyles brushes, and if you are up for the challenge I recommend these OIL BRUSHES You have to make them but they are super great. You can also use the same oil brushes with the mixer brush and few tweaks to make a really great blender brush. I made this brush and then did the same tutorial but with a square pattern to make a nice flat brush.

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