New to SVS & Not Quite 50 Things (my first post topic)

  • Im new to SVS I have had an account for about two months watched a handful of videos and I am inspired like I havent been in a very long time, so I jumped the gun on the 50 things video and havent viewed it yet and didn't get to 50 but I had this idea after seeing a few posts and had to do it. I plan on using digital media at some point but for now I don't have the hardware or software. This is done with pencil, red color pencil, marker and a highlighter.0_1488442378662_Not Quite 50.jpg ![0_1488442333056_Not Quite 50.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1488442265724_Not Quite 50.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1488442185872_Not Quite 50.jpg](Uploading 100%)

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    Very nice, love the dynamic!

  • @smceccarelli Thank you! I really admire your work.

  • Welcome! This is a really fun/dynamic composition idea.

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    Welcome and nice image.I was thinking it might be cool if the truck was an animal control truck. It would make more sense for the dog to be coming at us like it just escaped. Then you could have all kinds of different animals bouncing out of the back of the truck instead of the tools and stuff. I guess I'm not sure how to tie the dog into the electrician truck. It's almost like two different stories going on at the same time. Dog is crossing street to get to fire hydrant and truck hits bump and tools fly out the back. Also might think about bringing the dog further out towards us so that the edge of the truck's door lands more in the middle of the dog's nose.

  • @andyjewett Thank you! You were one of the first artists websites I visited when I signed up. I really enjoy your style, lines, composition and characters. Your work is awesome and its so cool to learn just from mentally cataloging pieces from everyone on here. Looking forward to growing through this forum/community! Thanks for the warm welcome!

  • @evilrobot Thank you. Animal control idea is a cool idea! This concept just kind of happened, originally it was just the truck with no dog or fire hydrant it was after the thumbnail stage during the sketch that I realized that I had nothing in the foreground. It was an impulse draw allot of excitement and short on story. Thank you for your unique angle, every angle is a help to me and i appreciate it! This is the most exciting experience finding this resource I feel as if I discovered art for the first time and Im loving it!

  • Looks really good! I love the angle you took on this piece. Also, welcome to SVS, you will love it here!

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