Polar bear book, more illustrations

  • Finished an illustration for my polar bear book. Ive revised my story quite a lot, and need to make a few new finished illustrations for it. ill paste below what the older one that I made looks like, that I was also going to keep for the dummy. 0_1488164812622_polarbear skippy small.jpg

  • Heres the other one I have finished from over a month ago. I think they look good together and don't look like from different books, even though there was a long break in between. 0_1488164931429_polarbear Ellis drawing web.jpg

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    These are adorable!!

  • Lovely images. I particularly love the top one and the expression on the polar bears face.

  • Beautiful work. Digital or actual water color?

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    These are really nice. Good color choices, appealing designs and the boy on one foot has great balance/bodyweight distribution!

  • Super fun and adorable @MirkaH!
    My only critique would be that the polar bear's neck/head looks a bit broken since there's no way he'd be able to stretch his neck like that and look completely behind himself. If you kept his neck/head where it is, then the rest of his body (and adorable bum!) should actually be on a 3/4 angle rather than straight on. As it is, his head/neck actually look more like where his front leg should be (if he were lifting his leg and holding out his paw).
    Without redrawing it entirely, it might even help to move his tail over to the right side so that it's not centered.

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