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  • I am new to digital drawing and just started using the iPad Pro with the ProCreate App. (This image is my second attempt at digital painting.) I created my art on a custom canvas at the size of 2400 X 3000 pixels. I then e-mailed the image to myself and opened it up on my computer to adjust the colors further in Lightroom. The size was changed to 6.4 X 8" at 500dpi; 3200 x 4000px; 36.6m. I printed it at this size and it came out with powdery white splotches in the dark areas. The print was just not crisp and clear like I want it to be. What is the best setting for optimal printing in ProCreate? Why did it change the size when I adjusted it in Lightroom? Doesn't dpi determine the quality of the print or is it pixels that matter? I have watched Will's ProCreate tutorial and I just can't wrap my head around the sizing advice! Also, feel free to critique my painting0_1487438208936_RESIZEDGlasses Girl in Color.jpg

  • I talked to my printer about it and they thought it might be the paper that I was using. Just thought I would follow up to my own question in case anyone wanted to know. Any thoughts about optimal sizing in general are still welcome.

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    Paper has a massive influence on the quality of the print. It can change crispness, contrast, value structure and colors in huge ways. The make of the printer also has an impact, as well as any calibration you do before printing. A good printer will sit with you on an important projects and test different papers and different printers (if he has more than one) until you are satisfied. If you are using an online printing service, ask them to send you samples of their papers - every printer has a booklet with test prints on different papers, so you can compare color saturation, darkness of the blacks and contrast.
    There is also quite a number of YouTube videos comparing different papers on specific printers - especially photographers are massively interested in this.

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    @Beth-Snider Hi Beth, I do not use Procreate so I can not comment on the sizing issues you were originally asking about. But I do have some input on the image itself since you asked for feedback on that as well.

    For starters I think you did a wonderful job with the painterly skills, the blending, shading and colors are all fantastic.

    But when I look at this young ladies face I do feel like there are a few things that are off in terms of the perspective/lighting.

    Right now if you imagine that the shading of her face was removed - you can see that her nose/mouth etc are all very symmetrical down the center of the head shape.

    But then once you added in that shadow/fill light on the one side of her face - it begins to imply that we can see a little bit more of that side as if her head was turned just a little bit This is also implied by the fact that we can see the arm to the glasses on that side of her face but not the other side.

    That is all fine, but then the rest of her features of her face would no longer be in the center of that space - they should be slightly moved to the lighter side to give that illusion of her head being turned slightly. Right now it feels like her head is actually turned the other way and the glasses are backwards (the arm should be seen on the light side of her face).

    Took me a while to figure out what was throwing me off, and I am not ever sure I explained this clearly but hopefully it helps.

  • @Rich-Green Thanks for the feedback! It is so hard to get lighting correct!

  • @smceccarelli Thank you for your input. I will have to do some more research to find paper that works good for this mode of art!

  • @Beth-Snider said in Sizing in Procreate:
    . I then e-mailed the image to myself and opened it up on my computer ... The size was changed to 6.4 X 8" at 500dpi; 3200 x 4000px; 36.6m.

    When you email from the iPad you have several options on the size of the image. You can reduce it (small, med, or large) or leave it full sized. Is it possible you selected a reduced size?

    If you are transferring it to an Apple computer made in 2012 or later running a more recent OS, you don't have to email the image. You can simply transfer it via "Airdrop".

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