New Question: Postcards? Who do you send them to?

  • So now I totally know what goes on my postcard thanks to @smceccarelli 's help. But now..who do you send them to? Originally I thought "oh you send them directly to the publishing company's address. Then the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if that.. made sense. Is it okay to send them directly to the publishing company?

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    I have done postcards following exactly the tutorial by James Yang here on SVS. Basically I have stopped the video when he shows all the postcards and copied exactly the same layout.
    If it helps, there was a seminar at the NY conference where they talked about postcards, and here are the notes I took:

    • Front: only one "striking lead image" that has one or more of the following characteristics: adorable character, distinctive technique, a whole story in a single image, a seasonal treat, inspired hand lettering, the awww factor, a full scene, great kids, great diverse kids, black and white (for age 9-12);
    • Do not put text or other stuff on the front unless you are a stellar graphic designer;
    • Do not junk the back of the postcards with text: the AD is not interested in your biography;
    • On the back: only your name and website/contact info. If you want, put a relevant, brief hand-written note (like "I liked the last book "x" that you art directed").
    • Do not send unsolicited dummies.

    It turns out, that is exactly how James Yang did them, so I hope mine are ok.

  • @smceccarelli Aha! awesome, thank you so much!

  • And now to watch the video that @smceccarelli suggested...

  • @andyjewett Lol I did the same thing

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    I am just completing my first set for sending out. I send them mainly to art directors - sometimes you can find more names per publishers, in which case I will send a different postcard to each. Sometimes the publisher just allows sending to a "art submissions" address.
    Needless to say, it takes an enormous amount of time to collect names and addresses from various sources. And it takes a lot of money to print and send postcards. So I do hope it brings some work...
    At the moment I am only sending to children magazines - I collected about 75 addresses all over the world. It is not a lot, as postcards go, but I had to start somewhere. My agent supposedly takes care of bringing my work in front of book publishers, so I chose to target magazines only. I will probably discuss with her about the option of a postcard round to book publishers too (their addresses are a little easier to find....)

  • I have sent out post cards for many many years and have stopped doing so.

    Between the postage costs, the printing costs, trying to assemble or purchase a mailing list and the lack of any meaningful response just became too much.

    I'd be interested in hearing anyone elses thougts.

  • oh that s where I am right now. Where is that video you mentioned @smceccarelli ? I dont think I watched it

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    @audrey-dowling It's this one:

    James Yang

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