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    The portfolio webinar was fantastic, it will be added here in SVS for future viewing, they said, so if you did not see it you should! My only question was @Jake-Parker mentioned not to add your sketchbook in your portfolio, Jake did you mean your physical portfolio? digital or both? I see loads of artists adding a sketchbook page to their website, I did one as well- the reason I did it was because I have heard often at conferences by the speakers that they often see the gems in the sketchbook- Anyone else is welcome to chime in! Thanks!

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    This is just an opinion, but I think its OK to have a sketchbook page INDEPENDENT of the portfolio pages. I find it interesting to see where art starts, and sometimes there is a looseness that is there in the sketches that is great to see. But I wouldn't count those in the 15-20 images in your actual portfolio. Just my two cents.

  • It seems more and more that things like Instagram, Facebook and Blogs (other social media included here) are being used to show process/sketchbooks in order to keep the official portfolio site clean. I think it's a personal preference, and while there will always be exceptions to any rule... it seems to be a current "best practices" kind of thing.

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    @lmrush Just as what @Sarah-LuAnn said, I think that @Jake-Parker was referring to the "official" portfolio that is shown as your work, whether in print or digitally. I do not believe he was saying "hide your sketches" but rather to segregate them to another section of your website and not to include them in what you show as your official portfolio. They are there and available for others to view but if they only look at your portfolio, they won't see them.

    I say this because I believe @Jake-Parker @Will-Terry and/or @Lee-White have also said (and maybe even encouraged) in videos/webinars before, to show your sketches in your blog and perhaps in social media (like what @andyjewett was saying). They would, of course, likely express to go through a process of showing your best and removing the rest with this too.

    Personally, I like having my tighter and/or inked sketches available (segregated from my actual portfolio) for others to see if wanted because they show things that I may have not been able to finish out in painting yet due to the length of time it takes to paint.

  • Justin Gerard and Annie Stegg (Gallery Gerard) sometimes show process beneath their portfolio pieces... personally, I like the narrative it adds (I'm a process junkie)... but, when considering presenting to an art director or agent that has limited time and a stack of submissions, I get why it's good to keep it simple.



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    @andyjewett I am a total process junkie too

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    Thanks everyone

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