Five eyed, five armed, five legged, rhinoceros headed, fur covered, Oz

  • Here is another Oz piece i am working on - this is the Oz that the Tin Man sees when he asks for a heart. Took a bit to come up with a design that was not awful. I think i am about finished with this lovely fellow - the description in the book reads -
    "But when the Woodman entered the great Throne Room he saw neither the Head nor the Lady, for Oz had taken the shape of a most terrible Beast. It was nearly as big as an elephant, and the green throne seemed hardly strong enough to hold its weight. The Beast had a head like that of a rhinoceros, only there were five eyes in its face. There were five long arms growing out of its body, and it also had five long, slim legs. Thick, woolly hair covered every part of it, and a more dreadful-looking monster could not be imagined"

    But ultimately it turns out to be stacks of furs that the Wizard used to fool the Tin Man..... so i decided to draw what the Tin Man thought he saw instead of the pile of furs that look like a monster...i think i feel good about this decision - anyways ..comments and critique always much appreciated 🙂

    0_1486454908268_3rd Oz.png

  • This is super cool nice work on the fur texture and reflections in the eyes. You might lighten the background pop the silhouette out even more.

  • @evilrobot Thanks William - is this far enough do you think?

    0_1486675122353_Smaller final beast.png

  • uuuuu.... scary! 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil I think the lightened version really helps!

  • I really love this @Kevin-Longueil! You are so good at the human characters in this series, but this one (along with the Mouse Queen) is definitely one of my favourites...he has a really strong, hefty, but quietly fearsome presence... feels so real. Love the fur, that takes some doing, with all the layers and little tufts..but it looks so natural. Congrats on a great piece 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil This is fantastic! The texture on the fur, as well as the hooves are very nice. I agree that the lighter background makes it pop just a little more. Excellent job.

  • Awesome as always, it reads so well. Great Job!

  • @Jana Thank you Jana - he is a bit imposing 🙂
    @mattramsey Thank you Matt - i'll go with the lighter version. Really helpful to get your opinion too!
    @Dulcie Thank you Dulcie! I'm so glad to hear that you like it and that the fur is believable....was a bit worried about that 🙂
    @goblinmusic Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! - i'm glad you like the hooves - i originally had human hands and realized i was being pretty lazy by not looking into what a rhinoceros really had at the end of it's legs and trying to make it work
    @Chip-Valecek Thank you chip!... my Daughter Lucie loves your book 🙂
    @evilrobot Thank you William - i made the change and posted it to my portfolio - really appreciate the critique!

  • Just noticed a mistake! - amazing how seeing it on the forum has the effect 🙂 I had shaved the fur back from the right side of the face (our left) to allow for more features to show through but neglected to make the change on the other side - I think there should be a change to the shape of the fur above the brow on the other side to mirror what is happening on the near side... i'll work on that.

  • Your portfolio is looking really good. You need to get some more color pieces up..... colored Wizard of Oz story with all those characters you designed would be awesome....

  • i think this is one of my favorites from the series. i love the brooding sense of it.

  • @evilrobot Thank you William - i agree about needing more color pieces for sure - i have committed myself to illustrating the Wonderful Wizard of Oz with only these strange portraits and possibly a couple spot illustrations and in black and white (possibly green tinting for just the five versions of Oz...not sure about that yet...leaning toward not at the moment) On the one hand i feel like i am spinning my wheels because i'm not really adding any value to the portfolio site with new Oz pieces and on the other i feel pretty good about the project itself. This project was my answer to losing the 3rd thursday challenges - but i think you are right to point out the need for more color and i should be working on color as i go - i was thinking of possibly doing the 50 items challenge when i was done with all of this - but maybe i will start sooner and make it a color piece - anyways thanks again for the feedback!
    @MirkaH Thank you Mirka! That is just the feeling i was shooting for 🙂

  • Wow amazingly done!

  • @Naroth-Kean Thank you so much Naroth! It is always great to see you back on the forum!

  • 5 limbs is quite an odd detail of anatomy to deal with, you did it amazingly! Bravo!

  • @Sarah-LuAnn Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words. There was definitely a bit of a struggle with where to rest the middle arm/hoof thingy - i'm glad you think it turned out well! - thanks again

  • Beautiful work, amazing anatomy. Ironically (as you critiqued my values) I'm gonna just give my two cents about YOUR values 😃 No it's just a little thing, really. The lighting feels like it's a bit..well..everywhere. And there is so much detail in areas that should not really be commanding attention. Perhaps you could render those areas ( towards the back, the arm) with less texture? And you could reduce the amount of contrast in the fur in those areas. That would really help to draw the eye to his face, because right now I feel overwhelmed by the evenly dispersed detail and overall high contrast.

  • @Perrij Thank you for the feedback! I just put the beast through the cutout filter and i see what you mean for sure

    0_1486891186144_filtered beast small.png

  • I'm going to start calling you the cutout man