New Ipad Pro Paintings - feedback please!

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    So my awesome husband (who is not artistic) emailed @Will-Terry a couple months before Christmas to find out what he should get me so I can work digitally. So I got an Ipad Pro and an Ipad Pencil for Christmas! It has been amazing and definitely a learning curve. I practiced a lot by copying other artists. Here's my first attempt at my own work:
    0_1485982735347_Web Flash Sketch.jpg
    And then here's my second. I followed Will Terry's 10 Steps to Digital Painting process:
    0_1485982782639_Web Baby Moses.jpg

    Any feedback would be great. I'm trying to get the same effect as my regular process which is acrylic underpainting with pastels on top.

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    Wow your shading is gorgeous! I especially love Moses, well done!!!

  • I think those are a great start. the superhero pose seems a little stiff, but the Moses image is beautiful. Keep it up!

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    I agree Flash looks stiff and your second piece is really well done. Keep at it and post more!

  • Great images. I have recently purchased the same tools, there is a bit of a learning curve, but clearly you are well on your way. Keep posting 😉

  • Moses is a good start! The running superhero is a bit odd.

    If you will be drawing "superhero" or action type pictures you need to look at a lot of anatomy. The body is very fluid especially in action images.

    Do a quick search on action running drawing and you will find many rough drawings/thumbnails on how the body is positioned when running.

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