Taking my time to do things right...

  • After giving it some thought over the last week, I decided to change my art style for my upcoming picture book. The style I was going to do it in was just too flat and one dimensional. Also as an artist, the style just didn't appeal to me much.

    Now although it will take more time, I decided to focus on creating more colorful art and richer, higher quality illustrations.

    Here's some spot illustrations that I'm in the process of working on.

    I'm enjoying making these so much more. So I'm going to focus on quality over quantity and speed. Since I'm still working a full-time job, I might only produce one or two books a year, but that's OK.

    1_1485716359026_Low Res Pic Stitch.jpg 0_1485716359025_Low Res Pic Stitch 2.jpg

  • @Ed-O Good to see you making that decision not to rush through your art. It is important that at the end and also after some time you should be happy with your product.
    The pieces are better now but the hands still need some work. You might ask somebody to pose for you so that you can make reference photos.
    Good luck and have fun with making this book.:-)

  • I destroyed all my work two years ago (symbolically - I still have digital copies), so I feel you. I think you're on the right track, you've added richness and depth.

  • @Ed-O
    I like the first one. It is clear and has nice colors and good texture. The second one has very nice colors too but it looks fuzzy. Maybe it's just me.

  • @Mara said in Taking my time to do things right...:

    I like the first one. It is clear and has nice colors and good texture. The second one has very nice colors too but it looks fuzzy. Maybe it's just me.

    They both have a fuzzy look. I fight this all the time with my own work. I'm pretty sure it has to do with what brushes are used.

    PS has a "sharpen" filter that sometimes works well. Try it out--but it can make the brush strokes look weird sometimes.

    Otherwise, the only fix is to go back over the edges with a harder brush. Can be time consuming and you have to have just the right touch.

    As far as the new illustrations: SO much better! Great work!

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    I agree with taking your time and doing what you enjoy. Working a full time job and freelance in the evening, it took me over a year to do a personal book project with my son. Took a long time but i am happy with how it came out and that is all that matters. I like the new style you have over the flat style.

  • I think you could push the dark and lights more and especially a highlight...

  • Thank you, @Jana! Yes, I'm glad I decided to focus on creating the best book I can rather than speed. I still haven't fixed the hands, yet. But I am having my 5 year old son doing a lot of hand and body posing for me. I think he's starting to get a little annoyed. LOL

    Thank you, @Rebecca-Hirsch. I agree it looks better, but I still have a long way to go : )

    Hi @Mara! Actually it's not you. The images is actually very sharp, but the resolution got all jacked up because the file was too big. This PNG format looks much better. The image isn't done, yet but at least it's not as fuzzy. LOL

    0_1485993678826_Frank Jr Portrait.png

    @mattramsey thanks a lot. After you first commented on my other post, it really steered me in the right direction. I was on the fence for awhile but I know I made the best decision to take more time and make the book something I can really be proud of. I really appreciate you giving your honest opinion.

    Thanks, @Chip-Valecek. I'm giving myself the whole rest of the year to get this done ( Although I see it getting done sooner ) Between the 9 -5 job and sharing custody of my kids, there never seem to be enough hours in the day. LOL But luckily the many hours I spend on this project each week never seems like work to me : )

    @Russ-Van-Dine I agree. I'm still working on these : )

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