its been a while

  • greetings i havnt posted on here in a long while, thought i better start the habit again. everyones work is looking great, sooo much freakin talent.
    i thought id start reintroducing my self by showing ya'll some pieces iv been working on. would love to hear ya feed back good or bad its all appreciated
    this is an always ongoing project that i slowly work on in between other work, its currently called "the unfolding story" fitting, because thats how im approaching it. letting the characters and world they live in slowly unfold and evolve, into hopefully one day something magical.

    firstly i started with this one after watching the class on light and colour. titled "the bunny king"

    than rough sketched a bit to see if i could put him in a different scene. something with a little more action.
    was planning on doing a digital version of this but never got around to it.

    than i fell in love with stippling. and wanted to see if this character would fit into a slightly more serious illustration,
    while still holding onto a sense of childlike magic and fantasy by keeping the bunnies all cute and unrealistic.

    and lastly, i wanted to work on another character, started out as a villain idea, but evolved slightly.
    this was my first quick drawing of her, i love foxes, so from the start she was " the queen of foxes"

    i figured that classic maleficent kinda look was a bit "safe"
    at this point i thought maybe shes not the real villain, just maybe a chip on her shoulder, possibly was once close to the bunny king but had a falling out.
    so she ended up like this. "the queen of foxes" -acrylic ink and digital tom foolery.

    so thats some of the things that have been falling outta my head. more to come. 🙂

    -Ryan Sutherland

  • SVS OG

    Looks fantastic love the black and white illustration. Great work.

  • @evilrobot thanks mate, its a fun yet time consuming style to work in. cheers

  • huge variety of style and technique! I think the strongest work is the black and white and the second image (colored pencil?)

    There are parts of the digital image that seem flat and others that see well rendered and rounded. I think your stronger work is the traditional approach (but this is also my preference as an artist, so take that with a grain of salt)

    What are you looking to improve? Skill/technique? Or style? Just curious what your goals are so we can provide more helpful feedback.

  • Nice work @Ryan-Sutherland ! I like the colored pencil piece and the super detailed one in the forest. Great stuff 👍

  • @kimchizerbe hey thanks for the feed back, i appreciate it. yeah i prefer working traditionally most of the time, it feels so much more intuitive than digital, tho i havnt been drawing digitally for long, it feels like there is too many options that its hard too simplify ur technique down to a basic process. where as traditionally i know what to do to get the result im after. im glad u liked the black and white stripling piece thats my favorite too. i wanna do more along those lines. so im not to sure what i need to work on. i struggle with overall form and composition. and my anatomy is a little poor. i wanna be able to make an image like that one look more striking. i wanna know intuitively where to make things darker, softer or sharper. if u look at that image of the boy in the forest on the right hand side of him the tree root has a lot of contrast it looks bold, it works. but the other side of him i played it safe, i chose details over dynamic lighting..

  • @Ed-O thanks mate.

  • Pro SVS OG

    Welcome back! Thank you for sharing, I especially like your black and white.

  • SVS OG

    I also have been gone for awhile and recently came back. Yay for us! 😉

    That second image on the toned paper is so great! I think I like it more than the digital work actually... you definitely have a lot of confidence with your traditional tools. Looks like you've been doing lots of good work. Keep it up!

  • @Sarah-LuAnn yay for us!! wooo thanks mate, yeah i love my traditional, but i love technology, so im very drawn to digital. but i doubt it will ever feel as good and therapeutic as brush/pen/pencil on paper. maybe when VR plugs into our brains.

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