Dummy book new spreads

  • Here's a couple new spreads I finished. 0_1484448154693_Page_1_Finished.jpg 0_1484448162915_Page_2_3_finished.jpg 0_1484448172480_Page_4_5_finished.jpg 0_1484448179823_Page_5_6-finished.jpg

  • @evilrobot This is looking so great William! It looks like a book i would buy for my kids for sure - i was wondering if you wanted feedback on these? Only have one little things - it took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on with the overloaded dog - i think the first thing that jumps out in that one is that the backpack is balancing on the umbrella - i think if there was no space between the backpack and the box that it would read more quickly - but maybe it is supposed to be balancing? could maybe squeeze the canteen in-between there too to fill the space - anyways ..feel free to disregard - it really is great to see this as you go!

  • This is developing really nicely and it is a very fun idea! I am wondering if the black line and typography are a little heavy when seen full size. Have you tried printing at real (intended) size and resolution?

  • Yes, thank you very much for the feedback. I'll rework the dog and the pile of stuff on his back I had a hard time with that may do a quick mock up in Zbrush to help me figure it out. I did print it out and the line seems good to me. The text is a little big. Thank you very much for the feedback. Here's the next spread. I'm only going to take the rest of the pages about this far so I can finish it. 0_1484514222056_Page_7_8.jpg

  • Looking great!

  • @evilrobot This is a book I would definitely buy!

  • I think this is really cool. The font is not my personal taste but overall very nice work.

  • Great work @evilrobot ! Definitely good art for a children's book. Nicely done : )

  • Thank you very much. Here is the next spread. I'm one third of the way through....just might finish this thing. 0_1485146753708_Page_10_11.jpg

  • love your character and little dog

  • @lmrush Thank you very much. Here's my next rough spread for my dummy book. 0_1485242023446_Page_12_13.jpg

  • Beautiful!

  • great spread!

  • Thank you. Here's my next rough spread. 0_1485636529050_Page_14_15.jpg

  • Everything is good but this last one is really super fun! Great contrast of words and images!

  • @evilrobot William these are my favorite so far! - i have a thought about the last three images though - i think we as adults are not too shocked by cartoon cannibalism but i am wondering what age group this is targeting - i'm picturing my 5 year old asking " are they going to eat that boy?" and me wondering what to say because they clearly are hoping at least to eat the boy and his little dog - anyways - i really love the ironic relationship between the words and drawings...and i love the drawing themselves - really nice!

  • Thanks for the input. I can see your point. When I was thinking this up I was remembering the old Warner Bothers cartoons and all the wacky violence they use to have in them. I guess it makes a difference because you can get away with a lot more if you are using anthropomorphized animal characters. But then you did have Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd and they'd always get crazy things done to them...even shot in the face. I guess my thinking was as long as the characters get out unharmed that it wouldn't be too violent for kids. (although yeah you don't want your kids thinking about getting eaten) Also seems to me kids are lot more grown up in this age. They know about a lot more bad things than a lot of us knew when we were little....not sure if this will be an issue or not? I guess I'm not really sure what age range I'm going for either...It might be too simple of art and text for older kids and too violent for younger kids...?

  • Hi @evilrobot ! I really enjoy following your spreads here. 🙂
    To the last two I have to say that my first reaction was: Oh boy, this is shocking. But after you explained I see your intention. It is hard to say how kids will react, particularly because it depends on the kids personalities how they will take it.
    But I want to bring up something else what bothered me about the last two. The former spreads were made from the boys perspective. So the hints you give are illustrated in a way that the boy should follow these hints. But now the perspective changed. You say, don't forget to eat, but the boy himself is going to be (almost) eaten. To me this is somehow a break in the concept. You know what I mean?
    About the age goup, I would say, because it is only a few lines of text, it is rather for younger kids, who are guided by an adult through the book. I agree that the age discussion is difficult.
    I am looking forward to see the development of this book. 🙂

  • @Jana Thank you for your critique. I understand what you are saying. I'll have to think about it for a while and revisit the text. I actually had several variations on the text for this page. My first idea was to have the text say something about trying different foods when you are in foreign cultures but I couldn't figure out the text for children and I would have ended up with the same problem .Thanks for your input I'll have to revisit this when I get the illustrations done. I'm hoping I can get it good enough for an agent to see my vision for the book and if I get signed have them help me with the writing.

  • Here's the next spread. I used my hand writing to make a font (as per the SVS class on graphic novels showed a great place to do that) I think it works better. I may also go back on the colored pieces and re- ink them at about half the line thickness when I'm done with all the spreads. 0_1486261804962_Page_16_17.jpg