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    This year my goal is to continue to find my style and build stronger portfolio pieces, with inspiration from @Lee-White and the advice from a portfolio review I had last year- I have gone back to my watercolors- Here is a snow white attempt, critiques really really appreciated

  • the face I touched up in photoshop because I wasn't happy with it 🙂

  • Hi Lisa! I am totally with you regarding your goal. This is exactly what I am shooting for this year.
    I really like the perspective and the composition of this piece. 🙂
    The only concern I have is the design of snow white. My first impression was, she is totally Disney, her dress and her hairband... Maybe I am wrong and this is exactly what you want. But when you are looking for an own style, I would try another design. Something which is shouting Lisa, instead of Disney.
    Right now, I am trying to turn some Disney landscapes into my style, just for training. Maybe this was also your intention with this piece?

  • @Jana Jana, thank you so much for your comments I thought to myself, "Wow yes she is totally right!" I did google images of snowwhite and kept with her design but I love the idea of playing with "my snow shite". Glad I have someone who is reaching for the same goal this year, it will be fun for us to look back at our evolution at the end of the year!!! Thank you so much!

  • Playing with color in photoshop-this could be dangerous


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