Angel work in progress. Any thoughts?

  • I am more or less ready to transfer to good paper, though changes will still occur. For one thing, the leaves in the background will be outlined in masses rather than individually, (they will also recede into starlit shadows while the angel and animals will be warmly lamplit.) I worked super hard placing the animals, though I know when its all done, I'll see things that could be better. Any input, anyone?

    0_1483214672333_Doc - Dec 31 2016 - 1-23 PM.jpg

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    It is lovely especially your animals

  • I really like your sketch. The composition looks good.

  • Looks fab! The only thing I can think of is whether some of the animals should be looking at her instead of at us? But having said that, it does create a sense of engagement... so I'm not sure.

  • i think it looks very warm and inviting. The only thing that sticks in my eye, is that the turtle is framed by a lot of empty space, it gives it visual emphasis, and I don't know if thats what you wanted or not? Its not a huge thing, but that would be the only thing I'd pick looking at the pencil sketch. 🙂 can't wait to see the finished piece.

  • @lmrush Thank you so much!

  • @Lee-Holland Thank you very much!

  • @RobinSlee You're probably right, but though I am adding and changing it in other ways, I'm not having them look at her. I want them all to give a feeling of peacefulness with each other, but though they are drawn to the spiritual light and are changed by it for the moment at least, they might not even actually see her. Again, you may be right and I may be mistaken in my approach, but I think that's how I will keep it for now. Maybe I'll do another one later with animals consciously engaging with an angel or saint.

  • @MirkaH You're probably right, and I'm going to play around with overlapping the two turtles visually, maybe adding more creatures to that center space too. Thanks for your input.

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