What portable drawing devices do you use?

  • Its nearly christmas and I have been saving all year to buy myself something nice. I have been looking at the IPad Pro 9.7 inch device with the Apple pencil. Does any one use this combination for work, or do you have any recommendations. I would love to hear your thoughts. 😉

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    I use an iPad Pro 12.9 inch - for me it is a perfect fit as a portable solution - you can do finished work which is indistinguishable from what you can do in Photoshop (with a pretty effective wokflow) on a device that fits in a handbag. But it depends very much from what you feel comfortable with. Some people do not want to give up on Photoshop while mobile and prefer a bulkier solution that runs a full OS (like the Cintiq companion or the Surface). For me convenience and portability was a bigger priority, because I wanted something that I can bring with me everywhere without thinking twice. In that respect, I think the iPad Pro is perfect.

  • iPad pro12.9 with Procreate. I have a cintique 13 also but I find it clunky with all the cords and it has to be connected to my MacBook Pro.

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    @RobinSlee I love the iPad pro too - i have not touched the Cintiq 13 touch in about a year - i use the 12.9 now but used the smaller iPad originally - if you can hold off and save a bit longer it will really be worth it i think - the 12.9 is a much better drawing experience (but i'm always wanting to draw larger so this is very subjective) that being said i know you will love either one 🙂

  • Thank you all for the feedback guys. I am seriously considering the 12.9 inch version. I dont really mind which software I use as the basics are universal. The only thing that is making me question it is that palm rejection on the 12 inch has been suggested as 'flaky'. I will use a glove, like i do on my intous, so that should address that issue. Can anyone think of some reasons 'against' getting an apple ipad pro 12.9 inch tablet and apple pencil? Probably not, but best to pose the question, right? 😉

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    @RobinSlee Hey Robin - i have never had a palm rejection issue with the iPad pro 12.9 - maybe i'm lucky - but i do use it all the time without problem - have not needed a glove - be curious what other folks say about this though -

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks for the info. I'm watching Will Terry's course and checking youtube reviews, so I definately appreciate your experiences, cheers.

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    Against everyone else here, i have a Surface Book and LOVE it. I can run the full Adobe CC, I can draw anywhere I want with it.

  • I have an ipad air and use a bamboo stylus. It reads the applied pressure, so I haven't been convinced to upgrade, though I am sure the ipad pro with the apple pencil is better.

  • @RobinSlee I use a glove the Yinova it's great. Procreate now supports photoshop files so you can export to photoshop or import photoshop files with all layers etc. only thing I like more about the cintique is the surface texture feels more paper like. The iPad and pencil is totally smooth no friction, which takes some getting used to.

  • @Chip-Valecek I nearly clicked the buy now button on the apple site... now i need to go checkout the surfacebook for comparison. lol

  • @Eric-Castleman Interesting. Does the Ipad pro support the bamboo stylus too? The apple pencil is like another £100 for me 😢 Expensive, but I am still really tempted to get the best I can afford.

  • @Kelly-Lane Good to know I can jump between Photoshop and Procreate. Screen smoothness noted, thanks for that one.

  • OMG.. I have just placed my order! Apple Ipad Pro 12.9inch, Apple smart keyboard cover and Apple Pencil. Total price £1087!
    I hate spending that much money, when it has taken a year to save, it makes me nervous 😉

    I want to thank you guys for your input. It really gave me some things to research, and besides a few niggles (typical with all hardware) it promises to be an extremely useful tool.

    Now, I just need to work out how to produce and sell some artworks and make it pay for itself. 😉 Again, cheers guys and gals.

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    @RobinSlee Congrats! Its good to get yourself something once in awhile. I know having 4 kids there all of our money goes to them and their activities. So when we end up getting something for ourselves it makes it that much more special and well deserved. Now lets see your first piece on your new toy!

  • @RobinSlee Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing your work!

  • @Chip-Valecek It is due to arrive tomorrow, so fingers crossed 😎

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    I wanted a portable device and after much research discussion and debate, I bought a $100.00 cart to cart my 21 inch monitor All-in-one Dell/bamboo(Wacom) around the house.

  • @lmrush Simple yet practical. I like it. 😉

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    @RobinSlee I think the ipad pro is going to be great for you!

    One little note: the ipad pro 2 is coming in March. I'm holding out for that even though it's killing me. Just thought I'd let you know in case that is something you might want to wait for too. Since the ipad pro was the first version of this one, I think the update could be significant.

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