Fancy Pig--final fancy animal (I promise)

  • So here is the last fancy animal portrait I needed to do for my card game. Now I just have 16 pieces of clothing and some graphic design to do!


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    @mattramsey wow! That is fantastic!!

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    @mattramsey I'm super intrigued. My husband and I are game people and this looks fun. We will be wanting to know when it is out!

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    @mattramsey This really does look great Matt! - I would love to know where you will be making these available for sale when you have finished - good artwork in a game makes all the difference - I remember when I was a kid my brother always had super complex games he would play but he also has a couple that were more my speed - one of them was called "Titan" simple game with really excellent artwork - was lots of fun because of it - we still have a semi-regular game night so I look forward to playing your game with my brother (even though I'm 48 years old now 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil @Pamela-Fraley
    Awesome to hear from fellow boardgamers!

    The first step is to get the prototype out (in the process now--I have about 30 clothing pieces to do now and then everything will be done--except for graphic design tweaks that will, hopefully, be done by a pro).

    I took second in a little unpub game contest and received a gift certificate for some playtesting services (Coalition Games) so I'm going to be doing that. Plus, Cardboard Edison is having a contest so I will be entering that very shortly. It would be cool to win it (or place high) and have that sticker to put on my game to show companies.

    From there, I plan on contacting game companies so we will see what happens! I've read a lot of Jamey Steigmeir's blog on how to Kickstarter and I've discovered I REALLY do not want to have to Kickstart this if I don't have to. I really like the French company Iello for their fun games and awesome art (King of Tokyo, Sea of Clouds, etc.)so I think I'll try there first. But I think my art style in this game might be too "realistic" for them (their entire line is pretty cartoony).

    There seem to be several companies that this game could work for but we will see!

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