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    I was doodling at a writers conference and this puppy appeared. I painted him and decided to put him in a postcard. I am really struggling right now on my painting style, torn between digital and watercolor. Is anyone else going through this? Or has advice how to work through it would be great. Also any advice on finding names of art directors to send postcards to would be appreciated.

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    @lmrush Lisa, this should help you regarding lists of pertinent contacts (it comes out yearly):

    Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market 2017: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published 29th Edition by Chuck Sambuchino

    I have a little bit of a struggle with painting style between digital and traditional.

    Definitely, I am quite on the digital side (for me, there are just too many workflow & multi-usage benefits with developing digitally rather than traditionally, particularly within the commercial art industry); however, I have wanted to start incorporating more traditional elements into my work.

    I had been thinking about how I might approach a hybrid and ironically, the “MIXED MEDIA - WATERCOLOR & DIGITAL” class by @Will-Terry was really close to a significant part of what I’ve been thinking about. Also his “DRAWING WITH DIGITAL PENCILS” fits this some too

    For me, it is not so much a “traditional vs. digital” thing but is more about how I might leverage the various tools to achieve what I need/want in my work.

    While I still plan on the bulk of my work to be digitally done (at least for now), I’m looking to add a bit more organic aspects & “happy accidents” into my work. Technically, I suppose that could be done digitally, but I think there is more of an immediacy & personal/existential aspect to doing it by traditional media, along with tearing self away from always having to control everything, which I think is a fault or hurdle of mine.

    I think @Lee-White talked about the organic, “happy accident” preference he has towards why he likes watercolor in one or both of his watercolor videos. I’m pretty sure it is the “loosening up” one if not both:



    I think these 4 videos were helpful to me, so perhaps they will help you too! Maybe they'll help you decide whether you want to choose one over the other or if a hybrid might satisfy the struggle, or even if you will change from project to project. 🙂

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    Hi Lisa,

    I like your sketch, but the painting doesn't seem quite there yet. There are a few things to address. The first is that the dog isn't really doing anything. You aren't offering any storytelling. It's just a cute image right now. I'd go back and see if you can push it to say something more interesting.

    If you are struggling between what your "style" is, that is a clear sign that it might be too early to put out a postcard to potential clients. I'd slow down a bit and make sure your work is consistent and hitting the right notes before sending to clients. I know it's hard, but a little patience can save you a ton of money and time. : )

    I'll be starting my new class in January that is based around building your business and portfolio. The class card will be up pretty soon and I'll make an announcement on the forums. It might be something you are interested in.

    Let me know if you have any questions at all. : )


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    @Lee-White Thank you Lee , your guidance is invaluable and soooo appreciated, I will implement all of it, back to work! And I will keep my eye out for the class 🙂 I would love to take it!!!!

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    @QuietYell Thank you for taking the time to respond I appreciate the help

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