Bears in Love Watercolor

  • I competed this painting last year. 140lb Arches cold press and M. Graham paints. Thanks for looking and all critiques are welcome.


  • Great picture, you have a great choice of colors and it wonderful just to look at. The only critique I have is, it feels something is missing, maybe showing what the bears are looking at?

  • Yay, watercolor! I love it, so sweet. The critiques that come to my mind are: the bird, and the heart-shaped leaves near the bird. The bird is the darkest thing in the picture, and the leaves near it look different from the rest of the leaves. I really like how soft the bears look, I would just add a bit more shadow near their rumps to place them right in that snow. I've had greeting cards on my mind, and I could see this as a sweet greeting card. The snow is also really nicely done.

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    Great image Rob.

    I didn't really know what to critique, but felt like it needed something too. So i grabbed it and did this little paint over. Take what want if you like.

    I moved the upper branch to crop out of the image which gives a better sense of place. The branches in your piece seemed to be straining to fit into the image a little bit. And they repeated each other in terms of shape, so you may want to avoid that.

    I gave the bears something to look at. A little plane making a heart. Could be a cloud up there or whatever. : )

    I love the work you are doing. Keep it up!

  • Many thanks everyone for your kind and constructive critique. I really appreciate everyone. I will probably do a repaint on this piece using the critique. I really like the idea of an airplane and heart Lee.

  • Yay that's it, wonderful.

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