Book Cover for my createspace book I have begun to work on.

  • Hello All,
    I posted last week that I was beginning work on a createspace book. The book is a poetry book about dragons. Below is the Cover. I would love to know your thoughts before I begin the painting.
    Thanks! 🙂

    0_1479060698311_Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 1.09.39 PM.png

  • Looks good for the most part.

    The dragon looks like he is staring off into space though. Also, no arms or hands on the dragon?

  • @jimsz thanks Jim. Was trying to make him look at the "camera" . Perhaps I should make him look down.

  • @kai-satoshi

    Just alter the eyes a little bit if you want the dragon looking at the viewer! It rough but something like this


  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    Very cool subject matter. I think you should go back to the thumbnail phase and doing like 20 or 30 good cover options. Then, pick the top 5 and flesh them out a little better. This way we can see what is working and what is not.

    There is nothing more difficult to critique than just posting one sketch. Be loose in the beginning and try some things out. Don't worry about making the drawings perfect at this stage. I've added a page of book covers I'm doing today for a new children's book that comes out next year. I don't ever show my clients these and I keep them really loose. I'll do about 50 of these and just mess around with design. It's a fun stage and should be approached as play. You will be amazed at where you can go doing this quick step. I only spend about 5 minutes on each one. Then, I'll pick the good ones and work on them a bit more to present to the client.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with! : )

    0_1479145833330_Cover 2.jpg

  • @Lee-White Thanks Lee. I will see what I can come up with and post again 🙂

  • Here are the thumbnails I did (A through R). Some a bit further than others. But anyway, here they are. Below those are my favorites and of the favorites the ones I like best are listed. I would love any thoughts that you all have. Which ones do you like? Any thoughts are welcome 🙂 Thanks.

    0_1479244238571_Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 4.08.51 PM.png
    1_1479244238572_Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 4.09.05 PM.png

    Here are my favorites. Of those I like 1, 3, 8, 9, 11

    0_1479244398848_Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 4.06.11 PM.png
    1_1479244398848_Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 4.06.21 PM.png

  • Here is a more cleaned up version of one of the ones I like
    0_1479251917644_Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 6.17.33 PM.png0_1479257025851_Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 7.42.52 PM.png0_1479257647269_Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 7.53.35 PM.png0_1479258168753_Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 8.02.08 PM.png0_1479314691520_Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 11.43.56 AM.png

  • SVS OG

    @kai-satoshi I really like #9 (or letter P). It jumped out right away as so much more charming and dynamic than the rest.

    I see it is also the one you did this cleaned up version on here. But I really prefer the Dragon better in your thumbnail. There is something about the longer nose/snout that works so much better in my opinion The real dragon character loses it's charm in this cleaned up version you posted here.

    And I also think there was so much connection and impact when the real dragon was looking directly at the little person dressed as a dragon. That eye to eye contact is much more powerful than this sort of blank stare you have going on in the cleaned up version.

  • I will definitely do another version with the different dragon head :). As far as the stare goes, I was aiming the look at the head of the other dragon. After doing this drawing it gave me an idea for the story behind it and it became less about the boy and more about the fake dragon. lol... But I will definitely be going back and forth with the idea and where the characters should be looking :). Thanks Rich

  • @kai-satoshi

    Thumbnail "P" "9" is one I really like. The composition really works for me.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    I agree with the others, 9 or P jumped out first for me as well.

  • @kai-satoshi I agree with the others that I like 9 the best. However, I do also like 10 but it depends really on what mood you're going for. #9 is more dynamic, it gives me the sense that it will be an actionable book, maybe on the humourous side. #10 I would definitely expect to be a "quiet" book, perhaps about friendship. If you think about it from the perspective of what you want it to say as a PRODUCT, then it'll be clear which to go with.
    I just would like to say re: #9, I love how everything "fits" into the composition. Will Terry is very good at that and it looks like you may have picked up a thing or two from him in that regard 🙂

  • @DanetteDraws Thanks Danette. I'm in agreement with the rest of you... I'm liking #9. The book will have a combo of funny poems with a couple poems that are a bit "serious". But I definitely lean to the humorous side. Thanks for the compliments ! 🙂

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