Can't ever upload(?) anything here because the files are always too big!

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    I keep trying to share things, and I used to be able to if I shared it to facebook first and then downloaded it-othewise it was too big....oh well. I tried to shrink it down in GIMP but I guess I did it wrong. I did a paintin gtoday-no biggy but I haven't share for a while. It's on facebook.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I have that same problem. I am not very savy when it comes to computers, so I quit trying to figure it out. I am using a tqblet, so my options for resizing my pictures is limited anywho.

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    @Eric-Castleman Thanks. It's nice to knwo I'm not the only one but, I guess we can post on facebook, right?

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    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I've never used GIMP, but I went on their site and found this which might be helpful for you:

    Below that, they also have this:

    Though I've seen larger here, it's probably best to make the image under 2000 pixels for the longest side for posting here. The issue is more with the file size, I think. I don't remember if there was a limit here, but it probably wants it under 5Mb like other websites (per my experience) but I would guess it probably be best to be more in the range of under 2Mb. After changing the dimensions to under 2000px, I would try 80% quality on the jpg compression before going any lower.

    Hope this helps!

    @Eric-Castleman I don't do resizing on my tablet/phone but there has got to be an app for that (or able to be done in the app(s) you are using). Are you iPad or Android? Maybe we can search for an app that you can bring your image into in order to save out at a smaller size.

  • I've been having issues as well. It seems the file size has to be below 200k and the file name has to end with lowercase ".jpg" or ".png" If it is uppercase (.JPG or .PNG) then the upload fails.

    I used to use the Windows Snip tool (it takes a screenshot) but that saves in the uppercase format. I think Photoshop also saves jpegs and png's with the uppercase if you don't flatten the layers first.... I might be wrong but that's what I've noticed. Once I flatten my file and bring the image size down to 800px wide and save it then I get the lowercase extension that will upload here.

    I haven't googled what the difference is between the upper and lowercase extensions, and I've never used GIMP, but maybe something similar is going on.

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    I used to upload from my phone, but ever since the last update, All I get are get errors. I haven't updated my iPad software yet, I'm guessing it will be a problem as well when I do. 😕 @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen

  • @QuietYell I am on an ipad. Everything I try to use destorts the image like crazy.

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    @Eric-Castleman oh that stinks! If I come across an app that might help, I'll certainly let you know. If you are not needing to downsize to a specific size but are just needing to downsize to a smaller filesize (e.g. 2.0Mb down to 103Kb), one thing that crossed my mind is about emailing yourself a photo from your photo library. It's kind of a sticks-and-tape sort of approach, but perhaps it will allow you to downsize without distortion, because when you email a photo, right after you click "send" it will bring up a dialogue box that asks if you want to send the "actual size" or one of the 3 other options (small, medium, large) it gives. I don't tend to do that much, but I have done it in the past and don't recall any distortion (there might be, but I don't recall such)

  • Just run it through TinyPic or and make sure the longest side is no more than 1000px and you're good to go - I do it all the time and it's very quick & easy. 🙂 There are actually a lot of resizing tools online, but is one of the easiest. You don't need to use all of the options there - just do the following:

    Go to Step 1 and upload your image.
    Skip to Step 4 and replace the longest side with 1000.
    Skip to Step 7 and click "Resize Image."
    Click "Download Image" (which will be located next to "Resize Image" after you click it to resize).

  • I have started using a type of "screen capture" to load mine. It is much smaller in size than in a jpeg. I use a iMac.
    What I do is click Shift, Command, then 4. At that point your cursor turns into crosshairs and you can use your mouse to drag the area that you want to take a picture of on your screen. I might do a little tutorial on how to do this on my youtube channel. Do you think that might help? 🙂

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    @amberwingart Wow! Thanks! I'll have t try that.

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    @kai-satoshi I have a windows 10 so I don't knw if it will work for me. But it might certainly be helpful to an imac user! Go for it! Thank you!

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    @TamaraDomuzin I don't have photoshop but I might be able to try GIMP. I have treid resizing in GIMP but it didn't work for me.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Are you on Windows or Mac? Which software do you first create your images in?

  • @amberwingart IT WORKED!!!

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