Hi! New subscriber here, happy to meet you!

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm Amanda, and I am really thrilled to be learning so much from SVS courses!

    I just finished my first children's book (hired by a self-publisher) and the "experience" from that is what brought me here trying to learn how things could go more smoothly. SVS has significantly helped me understand traditional publishing, and I know my next project will be better with this knowledge.

    I'm also a greeting card artist, writer/columnist, and Arkansas master naturalist doing this life project called "Ripples." You can see some of my most recent art on my Facebook page.

    Pleased to meet and learn from you all!

  • @Amanda-Bancroft Hello and welcome to the forums 🙂 It's a great community here, hope you enjoy being part of it! Glad you are making the most of the SVS courses too, they are really good 🙂

  • Welcome you are going to love it!

  • Welcome to the forums!