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    I have seen a few other post where folks shared a piece of their work before they began taking classes on SVS and after.

    I have been working on an ongoing project which features photos of real kids in illustrated storybook/fairty tale/nursery rhyme themes.

    This has been going on for a year now - so my work has evolved and grown (at least I hope that is the case) along the way.

    The first piece I worked on for this project was Humpty Dumpty.
    0_1475525336393_Chicago Treasure Humpty Dumpty RGB forum.jpg

    And the most recent one I completed is Wee Willie Winkie.
    0_1475525352836_Chicago Treasure Wee Willie Winkie v4 forum.jpg

    I am still working on getting better at drawing - perspective is sometimes still a real challenge for me and so is coming up with character designs and posing.

    Where I think I have made my biggest improvements are in my understanding of both color and light. Some from the SVS courses, but my real "aha" moment was the little segment @Lee-White shared during one of the 3rd Thursday's. Something about his demo hit me and I have not looked at colors or lighting the same since. I especially am seeing things in real life, that I never noticed or was trained to look for before. And all of that is definitely pushing me to new levels.

    Thanks to the SVS team and everyone here on these forums - I learn from each and everyone of you and the feedback we provide to each other.

    I wonder what my work will look like a year from now? Better get back to working on it 🙂

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    @Rich-Green That's great progress! Thanks for sharing! It is encouraging to see not only so much growth but also to hear your experiences & excitement!

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    @QuietYell Thanks so much Scott!

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    Really great improvement pretty much on everything from drawing to rendering. Nice work!

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    @evilrobot Thanks William!

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    Congratulations @Rich-Green, that is really excellent improvement over a can see it in the lighting, the textures, the drawing, the overall complexity with the buildings and perspectives...all aspects have become just that much more sophisticated. It's great to see your progress..and so encouraging to see how little steps build up over time, too!

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    Great job I agree with @Dulcie

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    @Dulcie thank you so much for the thoughtful response! I have been such a fan of your work since I first joined these forums so it means a lot coming from you!

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    @lmrush Thank you very much Lisa, really do appreciate all of this kind support!

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    @Rich-Green Wow! Pretty amazing progress. I checked out your website (your link here has an extra "W" in it so it does not quite work) there are so many great pieces on your site - your Paul Bunyan piece is my favorite - very impressive Rich - i wonder what your work will look like in a year too 🙂

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    @Kevin-Longueil Hi Kevin - I just corrected my website link - thanks for letting me know about that.

    Also thank you for taking the time to go check out my website and the kinds words about the work I have shared there.

    I know I am constantly saying thanks and I appreciate this or that - but I really do hope that all of you know I genuinely mean it. Living by myself and working away alone all the time, it is really great to feel connected to other artists on this community.

    I had spent so many years working in an office with a group of folks who became some of my best friends. We could also ask each others advice or be there to support one another when challenges or tough days came around. When our office was downsized/shut down, I decided to transition my career path to the creative which was really exciting. But the one thing I did not really realize was how much I would miss being part of a team environment. So I like to think of this group as that camaraderie I enjoy so much.

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