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  • Here's how far I've come in a year: this is last October's 3rd Thursday, Charly. Incidentally, if you see anything I should improve in the piece on the right, I'd appreciate it. I'll be printing pieces soon for my portfolio.
    0_1474857895561_Forest fox comp.jpg

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    @Rebecca-Hirsch wow really great improvement on it.

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    @Rebecca-Hirsch - I remember your entry and how it was reviewed during the session that month. It is nice to see that you have circled back around to it and are sharing this before/after update.

    I really like the additional of the tree stump where Mom fox will place the cake, and I also enjoy that tree trunk and branches added to the right side there.

    Overall a very cute image!

  • @Rebecca-Hirsch Great improvement especially with color! One thing that I do miss from the first piece is the line work on the tree in the background but I understand if you felt like became too much a focal point. Have you ever thought about using some different brushes like kylebrushes? I think that they are fun to experiment with and even his free ones are quality brushes. My thought was that if you used something like one of the watercolor brushes to just touch some of your edges you could add some interesting texture and form to your piece beyond line and airbrush. I really like the foreground tree foliage btw. The color really ads dimension to the object without being distracting. I think it would be kind of cool to have annual redo 3rd Thursday piece every year to just see how everyone has improved.

  • @Ben-J-Hutchison Good points, I did feel the line work on the tree was drawing the eye away. I do have texture on the piece as a whole, and on my last brush I do highlights and details with (which is a pastel), but I have it turned down - so if the texture is not coming through I will play with those levels. Thanks for your feedback, nice to see it through different eyes.

  • Thanks everyone. Fun to rework this piece.

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    So great to see thank you for sharing!

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