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  • I really love painting with acrylics but often wonder if they are the best medium for children's book illustration. I really want to explore and push myself in it before rushing off to try something else so I thought about doing a small paining a day. Right now, it just becomes a sticky mess. Working to hone skills including composition, lighting, color and technique. I also just watched the stylizing human character class so I did this today for practice. Feedback/comments are always welcome. Cheers!

    0_1474570788287_Alice Who.jpg

  • This is really cute. I can see this as part of a tiny painting series. It has a cute look and a nice balance with the viney decorative element. I would suggest making darker shadows on her overall to add some more contrast, volume, and depth. Also, have you thought about initialing and dating your piece? For me its a personal preference, but I like seeing the dates to keep track of my progression.

    I think acrylics are fantastic for children's books because it really gives the piece a handmade feel. The only thing I would worry about are making changes for quick turn arounds per a clients request.

  • @Joslyn-Schmitt Thanks for the suggestions and comments. Yes, upping the shadows and highlights will surely help and get me closer to the vision in my head. My skills are slowly getting me there. It's a matter of me figuring out how to make that happen. lol

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    This is a great start! keep at it, this has a lot of potential.

    BTW, I don't know where the current trend of doing a sketch/painting/drawing a day came from, but I want to offer another perspective. Shoot for doing a QUALITY piece of work a week. This will help you immeasurably vs. doing an inconsequential painting everyday. Most people who do the "daily" challenges end up with 30 rather bland images and it doesn't really address the real problem. Which is coming up with engaging content and then being able to really finish a painting to it's full degree. (that's just my 2 cents btw).

    Keep at it! its looking good!

  • @Lee-White Thanks so much for the encouragement! Having more time to work on a piece takes some of the pressure off too. 🙂

  • Here's a small character design for the Mad Hatter. I have been playing with the idea of doing a series of Alice in Wonderland for a while so, I guess now's the best time to start.

    0_1474666076260_MadHatter 2.jpg

  • Here's the color comp.
    0_1474691534124_MadHatter 3 2 copy.jpg

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    Nice work!

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