How would you interpret this prompt?

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    Hi Everyone,

    There is an art contest judged by Giuseppe Castellano that is part of the SCBWI event I am signed up for here in IL in November. The piece has to be submitted however by this Sunday - so not much time to get this done!

    Anyway, I could use some help interpreting the prompt which is here below:

    “Reveal your Identity!: Who are you? Whether you’re mild-mannered or super-powered, each illustrator has his/her own identity. You may be a wizard with watercolor; a god with gouache; a force with Photoshop; or a Martian with mark-making. Show your identity in a NEW illustration of your choosing. The only rule is that the illustration must be within a 10 inch x 10 inch space. Good luck.”

    I read this as - do a piece that represents who you think you are as an artist. And create the illustration in the style/medium that you feel showcases that.

    A few of my local peers who are also attending the event - have mentioned they were going with a superhero version of themselves, or showing things coming out of their own heads, etc in their designs.

    I do not read this as it having to be an illustration that has a likeness of the artist in it. But these other folks did.

    So I would love some feedback to see what all of you think - as I don't want to have missed the mark on this and time is running out!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Ooh that is a really interesting prompt! I agree that it means doing a piece that represents who you think you are as an artist, and of course it would make sense to use the style closest to your heart.

    I can see why your local art friends are choosing to draw a superhero version of themselves; the way the text is phrased suggests it as a possibility, with the 'reveal your identity' and 'super-powered' wording...and I can also see how doing a likeness of yourself in other ways eg a diagram of your brain/head, or a self-portrait, is another obvious route....BUT I would say that is not specifically stated in the prompt, so it's not obligatory. If you can think of another - perhaps more cunning! - way to reveal yourself, then of course that would be great, and you might differentiate yourself that way. I can't think exactly how, yet..but perhaps you have had some ideas already? Would love to see what you come up with for this, keep us posted!

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    @Dulcie Thanks for your input on this Dulcie - makes me feel better to hear that you could read it either way.

    Now, about coming up with my own more cunning take on this, well I am still trying to sort that out.

    I will show some sketch concepts as soon as I have a few I like!

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    2 words— "Spirit Animal"!

  • According to the prompt, there is only 1 rule--that it be within a 10x10 inch space. My interpretation--based on recent tweets by Castellano-- is that you draw your style, not try and imitate someone else's style. Don't draw Lee White's spirit animal 😉 Lee White-style, draw your spirit animal your way. I'm excited to see what you come up with! Good luck and happy drawing!

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    @Joy-Heyer Thanks so much Joy - and I really appreciate the added insight you mentioned from his tweets. That really clarifies this even more!

    @Lee-White - yes Spirit Animal is a fantastic way to approach this.

    Wow - this forum never ceases to amaze me with its support!!! Thanks again

  • I agree with you do a piece that represents who you think you are as an artist. Create an illustration in your style, whatever that may be. At least that's what I did

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    @Joy-Heyer I agree, Giuseppe really preaches the idea of not illustrating a style based on what you think the accepted rules are for the genre, meaning 'don't draw a kid in a "children's book style" because our preconceived notion of what that means is derivative and probably limited. So be yourself 🙂

    He is also super active on Twitter and almost always responds to questions asked.

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