Weekly Sketch Session Here?

  • Hey everyone,

    I posted this as a comment on a thread, but I wanted to see if the general population here would be interested in something like this...

    In addition to whatever is decided for the monthly challenge/3rd Thursdays here in the forum, would anyone be interested in having a weekly sketch session of our own here in the forum? Every Friday or Saturday (whatever is best for everyone), whoever wants to take part could post some prompts in that week's thread and then we could all spend an hour or two sketching it/them out and then posting them. Then those who want feedback could get it from the others (and even from those not participating).

    I try to sketch every night, but I especially love sketching late into the night on Fridays and saturdays. Having others sketching and/or giving feedback would definitely keep me inspired to sketch more & would give us something fun to look forward to each week.

    Would anyone be interested?

  • Yes, anything that keeps me on my toes I am all for. However, do you think we might be jumping the gun a bit, seeing that we really have little information about what SVS has planned? I guess we could do this until things are a bit more fleshed out, or maybe this will become something on its own, so in that sense, I think we should go ahead and try something like you are suggesting.

  • Definitely good idea! I would gladly participate.

  • This would be less formal than the 3rd Thursday, @Eric-Castleman - it'd just be a no-pressure, informal sketch jam session for anyone who wants to spend their Friday or Saturday night virtually sketching alongside other artists online and getting feedback from each other. The purpose is really to get us sketching more & to keep us warmed up.

    If people are interested in doing it, we could even keep it going when whatever the SVS teachers are planning is up and running.

  • Count me in.

  • @Eric-Castleman @smceccarelli Awesome! I'll double check with Lee and Jake to be sure it's okay, but I imagine they'll be fine with it.

    @Lee-White @Jake-Parker Is it okay if we do this here on the forums?

  • Just one question on time. Would that be a limited time-slot? I am on CEST time, so many hours away from anyone in the US. If the time-slot is 24 hours or more, I am sure to have overlaps, if it is less, there may be little or no overlap with my daytime or working hours...:-)

  • @amberwingart Thanks for asking. It is more than ok if you guys do this. We encourage it! Anything that makes you feel good about making art is going to be ok with us. : )

  • @Lee-White Awesome - thank you! 🙂

  • @smceccarelli That's a good point - we have a lot of non-U.S. members, I think. So we can make it a 24 hour thing, where those on U.S. time/British time/compatible time zones can sketch live together and everyone on CEST who wants to take part can hop on and sketch together when they're able to - and we can all give feedback. Would that work?

  • When can we start?

  • @Eric-Castleman How about this Friday? We could start at, say 9:00pm ET, 6:00pm PT? That way it's not too late for back easters and the West coasters can jump in whenever...What do you think - a different time?

  • @amberwingart I think that time is great.

  • No studio time at all in that 24h slot....:-(( But if I can still post sketches, I would gladly use it as a bouncing board and motivation to sketch more (and less rough...) during the week!

  • @smceccarelli Darn! 😞 Well, you can definitely go off of the prompts posted and get feedback...And why don't we have more than one session - one for the U.S./British, etc. time zones and one for the CEST time zones? That way any of SVS's central European members can have the experience of painting/drawing together also...What do you think?

    What country are you in, btw?

  • @amberwingart I am in Switzerland, but you should not worry about me. Following the prompt in my own time is probably what works best for me. I sketch on the run most of the time anyhow. With job and kids you are not really flexible with time 😉