Sept 3D Thursday help please.

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    I'm too late to submit, but wanted to post mine anyway. Had surgery on Monday and I've been pretty out if it. But, I've been working on trying to tweak this for a while now. I always try to go way out of my box with these Thursday prompts and I never really like how they turn out. Trying to stretch myself usually makes me feel like I m terrible at everything, but I'm keeping at it. I did a perspective drawing for this...very not my thing, and I feel like something is off. If anyone has any tips or feedback, I would appreciate it. I'm not sure what the problem is but there's definitely an issue - probably more than one. Thanks for looking. 0_1473904623973_image.jpeg

  • This is wonderful work! I really like the soft feel to it. The thing that stands out the most to me is the placement of his legs. The one on the rock seems out of proportion/is too high up.

    I give you props for the perspective of this piece, definitely not an easy one. I think for this viewpoint, it might be best to just have them both hanging? Either that or switch to the other leg being against the rocks since it's closer to the viewer might be able to come across easier.

    The angle of the face looks excellent to me, along with the arms!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Pamela!

  • Hi Pamela,
    Your painting is showing so much tension it's giving me anxiety looking at it! (I'm afraid of heights 😃 )
    I would say your perspective is very good, so is the composition. My only notes are adding more contrast and shadows, and working on his facial expression, I think he should look terrified.
    Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  • I love the look of the hand clinging to the rock, and cool perspective. I agree about his left leg placement - right now it looks as if it could be attached to his chest instead of his hip where it should be. Hope to see more from you!

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    It´s a really nice composition and has a great sense of tension and dynamic. You should have posted it, even if you consider it unfinished, because I think in some ways it can be finished like this. There is something about the way his face is detailed vs the roughness of the rest that makes it work this way.
    I love how you rendered his face and eyes. There may be something about the angle of the feature that needs minimally tweaking. I know the head is tilted in two directions, but something is clashing with that. I think it is the angle of the forehead and top of head that is too straight. I am not sure, just mentioning that something is disturbing there. The legs will look odd in any position in this perspective. I agree that the one resting on the rock needs some adjustment to look right. Also his dangling foot looks like a ball at present (that is where my eyes went first). The other thing I would consider is the use of line. It is quite prominent on the arms, but nearly absent in the face and head and in the rest of the features. It could also work like that, but I think there should be a less abrupt change of style within the figure, while the background can be completely without lines and work.
    It´s a nice piece, I would definitely finish it! And get well soon!

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    Thank you everyone. It takes many sets of eyes. I see the thing about the leg and the line work too. Also, I'm thinking I should look at some color classes again. I think if I didn't approach it as a watercolor it might be better. It could definitely use some better contrast. I really appreciate the feedback and the encouragement.I wish I had emailed it. The post says it's due "Wednesday the 15th" which is a typo, I think. I saw the 15th and thought I had another day. It's always a good learning experience though.
    Thank you for the well wishes too. I should hopefully be back on my feet in a few days. ☺

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    @smceccarelli thank you! That helps a lot. I think the inconsistencies might work better if I could do it more confidently. It needs to look like it was on purpose and not accidental. I feel like a lot of what I do looks unfinished, but I still have a lot to learn. Composition and color and line work... Thanks for your feedback. ☺

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    @Rebecca-Hirsch Thanks! Yes. The leg! So hard from that angle. ☺

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    @Doha Im afraid of heights too. Heights and horses. 😊 I'm glad the perspective part made sense. I do need to work on the depth of color and shadow and stuff.

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    @JajaJulie thank you! You all are very encouraging. I looked at it so much that I wasn't seeing anything nice about it at all anymore. Thank you for the help!

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