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  • Hi guys...
    Does any one have any suggestions for good quality children's book illustration,visual storytelling books?
    What are well known and respected authors,the type that a tutor at Uni would tell you about....I have Uri Shulevitz "writing with pictures." I know impressive right? One book! Thank you.....I'm trying to get my head round how to build characters/images from scratch,using references.....

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    Shulevitz´book is very nice but very old - I found many chapters are very valuable and others are completely worthless today (like how to deliver color-separated illustrations). Also, the whole book is in black and white, which is somewhat odd. I have Salisbury´s "Illustrating Children Books" and "The encyclopedia of writing and illustrating children books" by McCannon and others. Both are valuable (especially Salisbury´s) but also very generic, as they try to cover all types of children books and all types of approaches. Two books that I found very interesting in a different way are Quentin Blake´s "Words and Pictures" and "1000 illustrations for children" by Julia Schonlau. The latter is structured like an annual, with each illustrator getting 4 pages to showcase their work. It gives a very broad insight in the different types and styles of children illustrations today (though the book is from 2013, so already things may have changed a bit). Ultimately, there is nothing better than buying and studying children´s books themselves...!

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    BTW - if you want to focus more on the aspect of "visual storytelling", then I feel that nothing beats the "art of" books of animated films and/or games or even live action films. I have a relatively large collection and I find them enormously inspiring for learning to convey characters, story and emotion with pictures.

  • Cheers me dears,Salisbury? I think he's a tutor at Anglia Ruskin college in Cambridge,he teaches on the ma children's book illustration course....would love to go,but if I can learn to illustrate,get a body of wk together without going into £10,000,will do so....thanks for your reply will check them out...😊 x

  • P.s,yes I love animated films,Pixar Disney.Now I have a genuine reason to watch them on my own without a child!I have been looking at kids books at my local library,again on my own😉

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