How Do You Watch SVS?

  • Hey everyone, I'm just pulling out of a long slump and I'm really revved about getting back to learning, but since so much time was wasted during my "down time," I really want to make the most of my learning here at SVS. So I'm wondering: how do you watch SVS videos? Do you just have them on in the background as you're drawing or do you set aside time to specifically sit and watch them? Do you just watch one per day/week or a certain number of them? I'm looking forward to talking to all of you again - I've not only missed SVS videos, I've also missed the great community here at the forum!

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    @amberwingart I will usually watch them while I work (web designer) so while I am coding on a different monitor i will watch/listen. I will usually watch them again if it is something that I really want to take in. Depending on the day and what I am working on i will usually watch a few videos. When I actually draw/paint I like to listen to music. I love to zone out and get into a groove. I find that each piece that I paint there is a certain album/artist I will listen to while I work on that piece.

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    I watch/listen while I draw or paint (easier when I paint, because it requires less concentration for me). I can shift my attention if something is discussed that requires me to watch the screen or that calls for particular attention. I will listen/watch the same videos many many times though (up to 3-5 times). I have long studio sessions - so normally I would watch a whole course at once in one session, or in two days if it is very long.
    I would say, though, that this is not the ideal way if you want to make the most out of the material. You really only learn if you practice the stuff, so a "perfect student" would watch one lesson, absorb the principles, do the exercises and workbook/assignments proposed, and maybe practice some more on his/her own before moving on to the next! Just sharing my bad habits!

  • I go old school when I take a new class - I take notes in a spiral notebook. I will listen to a class more then once, and will have it on in the background while I draw/ paint.

  • I watch them without drawing. I have trouble focusing on anything else while drawing or painting, probably due to my lack of experience. But I enjoy watching them after dinner in the conservatory on my pad or phone. I usually watch for an hour or so at a time 🙂

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