New and looking for some critiques!

  • Just joined SVS and been playing around with some of the stuff I hopefully learnt from the videos!
    The idea for practice purposes that I used was of an old explorer finally finding gold in the jungle.
    Looking for some feedback and to say hi everyone!

    (Comment if I have mistakenly post in the wrong area or something)0_1473459116181_14112031_10157248864905361_1449213631_n.jpg

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    @tmdoodles welcome to the forums! as far as feedback i would watch anatomy. His left foot looks like his leg is anchored in the middle. Also his left arm looks to be flipped the wrong way. I do like the touch of seeing his boxers. Are those pink hearts?

  • He seems to be holding a bag, yet all we see are coins...nice start!

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    @tmdoodles First off I like the muted colors you used and welcome to the forum. So as far as the drawing even when you are doing a stylized cartoon you need to keep in mind proper anatomy. It will inform you as to how your legs and arms should connect and proper proportions. You are confusing the the viewer with this image because I'm not sure what you are trying to do. What I mean is if I look at the neck and chest it looks to me like you are trying to draw a character that at least approximates proper anatomy. But when I look at that loopy arm and the other limbs it looks like you are trying to do a more stylized character. So when you mix the two it looks like you made a mistake with your anatomy rather than a stylistic choice. I hope this is helpful and doesn't come off rough or mean. Really just trying to help because I went through the same phase. Glad to have you here and looking forward to seeing your work going forward.

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    Welcome! There are many things in this image that are very successful. The color palette is very nice, the composition, with the coins falling out of the picture towards us, is awesome, the sense of movement and dynamics are very strong.
    Two aspects where it could be made stronger are the storytelling and, as others have mentioned, the anatomy of the character. From the story perspective, I wonder what is he holding (a small purse?). It seems counterintuitive, unless the purse contains some very special item that he was looking for (but then this could be made more obvious). With all these gold coins around, he should be showering himself in coins, or holding some more prominent piece of treasure. Or maybe even the treasure map that helped him get there. Also, the dot eyes make his gaze directionless and slightly vacant, so his face is not participating in all the excitement of his body.
    Others have commented on the anatomy already. You have tried to pull off a very complex feat here: super-dynamic pose, foreshortening, extreme perspective distortion and exaggerated posing and anatomy. Obviously I do not know how much study you already have behind you. My experience is that to get to do this successfully, you need a couple of years of straight figure drawing from models or photographs. A book that I have been drawing from a lot in the past years is "Colossal Collection of Action Poses" by Buddy Scalera - it has helped my posing characters enormously. Looking forward to your next works!

  • @Chip-Valecek thanks for the feedback, seems anatomy is something a few people of picked up so back to studying it for me! And ofcourse they are pink hearts !

  • @smceccarelli and @evilrobot thanks for the feedback! I think it is clear is should work on the anatomy a bit more but it's a good point about the consistency of the detail of the anatomy something I didn't really think about. I will definitely work on having a coherent story that comes through with what the character is doing. Thanks again, Tom.

  • I love this! But I'd agree with Chip that the upper body anatomy, especially, looks a little skewumpus; his left arm looks a big long-ish and awkward and his right arm looks like it's made of silly putty - the elbow isn't distinct and it looks like it has no bones. But I also love seeing the little details like his boxers!

    Also, I literally thought he was holding a dumbbell in his right hand - I didn't realize it's a bag, so be sure that your details are simple to read so that the story doesn't get lost.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work here - welcome!

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