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    Hi all,

    This is a work in progress piece I am doing and I wanted to show you what pieces and artists inspired the piece so you can see what bits and pieces I really liked and used to combine with my own illustration style.

    1. Lee White: I love @Lee-White 's work and besides his watercolor skills, love his use of dark against lights. Also all together his work is balanced but the details are a bit wonky, the windows are different sizes and there are really not straight lines or structures etc. It all feels very organic and fresh. He also has a fantastical element to his work that definitely sets him apart and on a different level. It would be exceptionally hard to capture unless you crawled inside his mind. Lol

    2. Beatrice Alemangna who Lee showed me last year, too is on my list. This is the pic Lee shared recently and mention the simple sophistication to her work. Again I really love the use of white here against the varying textures and the loose line work. Her characters are also interesting and offbeat.

    3. Christian Robinson: Love the use of white against the bold colors and shapes and the flat perspective.

    I think we're are seeing a pattern in my tastes. But it is always good to try and study what really draws you in when you see artwork that you love.

    I have these saved to my pinterest along with a ton of other artists I love!

    I am still working on this and will adjust some of the lines on the face and have a lot to learn, but maybe you can pick out what I borrowed from who and where to improve it. Environments are something I struggle with too so this is a great exercise for me. My piece is call The New Puppy. Happy Friday ALL



  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Your work is charming! I've been watching your progress for the last year here on SVS forum and have seen you really push yourself. And although you say you've borrowed from others, you're coming in to your own. It's inspiring to see and wonderful to hear your work is being sought after. I'd say continue exploring textures and colors that make each character unique. Also eyes and head position to reinforce direction to the focal point. Keep up the great work!

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    @Suzy-Heitz Thanks so much, Suzy and good call on the texture and focal point. I'll go in and work that out. The mom especially feels too stiff to me etc.

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    just keeps getting better and better!

  • love your style! charming! I can definitely see you are inspired 🙂

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    You have such a unique and lovely style @Charlie-Eve-Ryan , thank you for sharing this latest piece and the artists who inspired it.

    That #1 by @Lee-White is killer!

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    @Lee-White Thanks so much Lee, I really appreciate that. It got a crazy good response on FB, I think people dig puppies lol.

    What's so cool about this type of exercise is that I didn't do an exterior or even an urban/city type scene and I could still pull inspiration from each piece even though all the concepts are all very different and the settings etc are different.

    I am going to practice an urban city/distance piece too since I still have a tendency to focus on characters vs environment.

    @Naroth-Kean and @natiwata Thank you!! And yes, Lee's piece is killer and super inspiring! 😃

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    Final touches added, thanks again all.


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