How much has your art improved

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    I know sometimes as artists we get down on ourselves and frustrated at the level of our artistic ability. I was feeling that way with this third Thursday piece (which is still not where I want it to be) I was getting completely frustrated because I couldn't paint a night scene....I'd never really compared where I am today to where I was. After putting these side by side it did make me feel better. Back then I would have killed to be as good as I am now....and now I want to be so much better than this. So if you guys want to I thought it would be cool to post our old art next to our newest stuff to see all the improvement we've made. I'd love to see how some of the other amazing artists on here have progressed. So here's mine I picked this old piece because it had a similar theme to the one I just finished. 0_1473443061688_oldvsnew.jpg

  • You're hard work has paid off! I can see that you've really put in the time to develop your style and skill. Keep up the good work!

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    @evilrobot Wow - you have hammered out some serious skills since the first one! Looks pro to me.

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    Congratulations on levelling up your skills so much! The hard work really shows. It's so satisfying to look back and see that you've come so far - even if you're still pushing forward to get even better...and the process can feel so slow at times, so it's great to look back and see that actually, you have climbed a big mountain after all 🙂

    I'm not ready to do it yet, but I'd like to do an updated version of an old, pre-SVS piece, and then show them side by side...wanted to coincide it with a year of SVS which is coming up shortly, so if I can wangle it into my workload somehow I will 🙂

  • I will definitely do this! Working on a portfolio now, when finished I have several I could use. What a great idea!

  • This is really great! The monster is so fun! You've taken amazing strides. I still haven't done much with night scenes, but I think you're doing a good job on this piece.

    I just woke up this morning from a dream where Will, Jake and Lee do 12 month reviews of your development. It was so validating. lol! Here is my progress from 2 years ago. I had a difficult time finding things that were similar, but you get the gist. 🙂 SVS has helped me learn photoshop (I was using corel before) understand color, lighting etc. There is so much more to work on though and I want to be better than this too!

    0_1473514490396_2 year progress.jpg

  • Here's some of my pre SVS pics 0_1473545503903_uhoh.jpg 0_1473545514747_Workhard.jpg

    And some newer pics
    0_1473545661568_shark2.jpg 0_1473545783933_HouseOnTheHill.jpg
    The latter isn't for kids- just putting it here to show my inklines have improved. Of course, I still have a ways to go.

  • that is a big improvement you got there! the storytelling, the technique and the understanding of using composition. Congratulation!

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    Nice. Really neat to see the evolution of styles and technique.

  • Great post...brave as well to be this transparent.....I'm still so at the starting point,still getting my head round making the link between a written prompt and an image....jumping from fine art ship to illustrators vessel......

  • @Jennifer...can see how you've dev a level of sophistication/ levels in your work.....

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