Nursery wall paintings

  • I just finished painting my girls' rooms, and wanted to share. The 3-week old obviously doesn't have much of an opinion...but the almost 2-year old kept pointing and saying "Wow!" so it was worth the effort just for that reaction 🙂







  • Both rooms look great, your daughters are so lucky 🙂

  • @ZackracK Wow they both turned out great! What fantastic spaces to grow up in - the imagination all around them is fantastic!

  • Adorable! I'm sure they'll love them for years to come. 🙂

  • Images are really wonderful, and I find orange and pink really "restive" together, don't you?

  • Those fades are great! Did you use spray paint to get that effect? It feels a little Tim Burton to me which I love his work.

  • So fun! Nice work, I've never tried a mural, I think I'd be really hesitant, but this looks so bold and confident!

  • Thanks everyone!

    @Chip-Valecek I used a spray gun (hooked up to an air compressor) for the purple/teal fade. It was a lot to tape off, but then pretty quick and easy to spray on. The ceiling was the only tough part. For the orange/ pink room, I actually made my own "stamps" out of some poly foam and scrap wood, and created the texture/ fade with them.

    My homemade stamps:
    0_1475371013327_Step1 (4).jpg

  • @natiwata Thanks! I definitely sketched out a plan before going for it. I actually tried to use a projector but couldn't get anything to work, so just ended up free-handing it based on my drawings. Without the plan though, I would have been lost.

    Photoshop sketches:
    1_1475371301352_Nursery4.jpg 0_1475371301352_Nursery2.jpg

  • it looks great!
    I have painted the wall of my girls room too, but my tastes (and theirs) are much more minimalistic and classic ^_^ a branch of a tree with a few leaves and I sewed some flowers, which I glued on the tree
    I will have to do my boys' bedroom soon, I was thinking of doing a lighthouse, a bit of a rocky hill and some birds flying away. I'm still picking my color palette
    I do it like you, take a picture and then sketch on photoshop. for the tree I also printed the sketch on several pages, taped them together, then transferred on the wall

  • Awesome!