Help! Trying to draw man running away. Also a cow running toward me.

  • Can anyone direct me to a good tutorial on here or elsewhere that specifically teaches about figures running to and from the viewer? I have a man running away from a cow in my book and I also have a cow running as if toward the reader! Iam having some trouble gettting it to look good. I guess I could do it from the side but a forward or away view seems more dynamic. Thanks! I've been looking at stock photos, etc. but I think a bit of a lesson would be good for me anyway. Thanks! I've watched the figure drawing class and can look at it again but I really want to learn running poses.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I don´t know of any tutorials so specific - seems like the mammal drawing course by Jake Parker here on SVS could be a good starting point though.
    Frontal dynamic poses are not easy to make look good - I always keep in mind a quote from a Disney artist (I think it was Holly Johnston, but maybe not) who said that "some things are better left undrawn" (he was referring to awkward viewing angles for Mickey Mouse, like from the top)

  • Best advice I can give is just to use a lot of reference, google images and the like.

    Another tool I've found useful for exploring angles and poses is this ipad app:

    It allows you to pose a 3d model and see it from any angle, like a virtual mannequin.

  • Yes. Jake's "Posing Characters" course is extremely helpful in figuring out how to draw characters from all angles.

  • The problem was so interesting I could not resist trying out a sketch...This is obviously my style, but think if you look at pictures of cows in various angles and study the body volumes with Jake´s approach (front, belly and back), you can get it to look right.

  • I Love it! I've looked at that class but, of course, I need to revisit it 🙂

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen There are so many great photos of cows running at the camera on google images - just search "cow running at camera" or "running of the bulls" and click images and you will have so many to chose from for a reference - here are the first few i saw 0_1472929122640_Stampeding-Longhorns.jpg 0_1472929116404_cows-running.jpg 0_1472929110081_cows.jpg

  • Oh, yes thosw are great! I must have put the wrong words in befoer because I coudln't find very many. Running of the bulls was a good idea! Thank you!! I'm considering that for Inktober I might try out some positioning exercises with people an danimals running and such. This month I am daily doodling S things made from or with an S incorporated and also starting with S.

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