Im new to svslearn. Already, loving it.

  • First off, I'd like to introduce myself.
    I'm mike, I have had a love affair with illustration for 30+ years.
    I am working on establishing a brand
    -finding a style that people
    can look at and say, hey that's mike sikes.
    I have never sold any of my work.
    So, I also am looking forward
    to learning the business end of things.
    I am currently drawing on my phone.
    Samsung Galaxy Note edge
    Using autodesk sketchbook primarily.
    (Saving up for a cintiq)

  • @mikesikes Welcome to the forums. That is amazing it was done on a phone. There are other alternatives then a cintiq that are much cheaper. My dream was to one day get a cintiq but I ended up getting a Surface Book and love it. I am able to take it everywhere. There are also less expensive digital monitors out there as well. I had a 19inch monoprice that was only $499.

  • Thank you, this was an older drawing. But it was the only one that I could upload. (I keep getting errors)
    I've looked into a few cintiq alternatives.
    Weighing pros and cons on some of the cheaper ones.

  • @mikesikes Welcome to the forums Mike - you painted that on your phone! Nice! If you are getting errors when trying to upload it is most likely because the file is too big - i am usually at 300 dpi and i size my uploads to 1100 pixels on the long dimension and have not had any problem (anymore) - anyways - look forward to seeing you work 🙂

  • Really nice work! Another alternative is to keep an eye out for a used cintiq. I got mine for half price off ebay. Hope to see lots more from you.

  • @Kevin-Longueil thanks for the tip!

  • @evilrobot I have been keeping an eye out.