Little red shepherd vs Wolf spirit

  • Finished the full course on Children's book illustration last night. It took me almost 3 weeks to finish and here a sketch I did, and planning to finish it. Twisted story about little red riding hood in this case the shepherd vs a wolf spirit who try to take one of her sheep to feast with his followers.

  • Wondering if you could give us your synopsis on the class? The good, the bad, best parts, parts to skip?

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    I can't wait to see it colored!

  • Hey @Reid Smith, I can tell you that I found everything very helpful since I'm not from an illustration specifically Children's book background. Although they were very helpful, but of course there were some that really helped me improving my insight of Children's book world. I learn quickly from making mistakes even it was others, so those critiques sessions were extremely helpful to me, and I wish there were more of them to watch, I could relates to those mistakes the students had made and applied the correction to mine. Furthermore, I found guest speakers were also important, I mean everyone should or must watch those videos, they gave out a lot of good stuffs that you might not have known before, I highly recommend you do not skip any of those. And finally the contract and how to market yourself/book etc. I love how Will and Jake shared their work experience as fresh-out and well known illustrators. Take your time and you will appreciate the session. Also recommend everyone takes Creative Composition course, I mean I could see I have improved a lot, I have never gotten so many compliments with my arts before. I'm still working on improving my composition but hey everyone should check it out. I hope this has helped if not I'm sorry 😶 #PoorEnglish

  • this is the color version of it @Lynn Larson

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    @Naroth-Cow Looks amazing! I love your style!

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    @Naroth-Cow Really like the style and my attention immediately goes to the interesting and menacing characteristics of the wolf's face - I love it!

  • Thanks a lot guys!

  • Fantastic!

  • Good job Naroth! love your style. Foxes and wolfs are defiantly your speciality.

  • That's wonderful.The Wolf's eyes are excellent!

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    Your style is so lovely to look at. I'm really digging your work!

    In this piece, the tones are perfect, the wolf is perfect, and the little dog and sheep are perfect. Because all those things are perfect, I think Red may need a little work. She doen't look like you have really figured out what her reaction should be in this scene. The pose is really hurting you here. She's almost in a "T" pose where all the limbs are just straight and out to the side. I'd revisit her and figure out what she's really doing in this piece.

    Again, just amazing work from you!

    PS: my "Visual Storytelling" video is almost done and will release in Sept. It has a massive amount of information on how to design your work around a narrative.

  • I think you have done really well, I think you subtle use of color using washes makes the picture really sweet. Good work!

  • @Lee White, I totally see what you mean I am going to work on her right hand a bit more. My intention was to make it looked as if her did not know what to do but stretching her arms and legs out at that terrifying moment to block and lock the eyes of the wolf on her.
    This is another version however I am still going to work on it.
    Thank you for everyone time and comment, have a great weekend!

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