Has anyone thought of making puzzles from their art?

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    I just did a picture that i thought might be a fun puzzle and I need some revenue for my new business. I googled this page-haven't looked for others yet. Has anyone experience with this that can share? Thanks.


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    It's tough to make income from this model. My friend and co-worker did a bunch of beautiful puzzles and they didn't sell. Production costs were too high to really make a profit and people didn't seem that interested in them. Maybe your experience would be different, but this guy is a total pro and really knows how to draw/paint and it didn't work for him.

    Let us know how it goes. I suppose you could do a couple and try it out

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    Thanks, Lee. I think I will not try it after your response. I have enough to do with trying to sell my one book and learn all that businessy stuff 🙂 It sounds like it would not be a good idea for me right now. Thank you for your response! I still have to write my business plan! 🙂 ...and organize my studio and learn to use spread sheets get my financial record keeping in order......I'm reviewing the making money in illustration business class again 🙂 I also have a pretty boring book (literally one book) shop that I need to somehow spruce up a bit. At least it will keep my old brain active!

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