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    Hey guys, I wanted to ask you a question. We are talking about running more live classes. It gives more feedback and most students seem to like the traditional assignment/critique structure of the classroom environment. How many of you are interested in this?

    I am putting together a class on digital painting that covers many aspects of how to use photoshop in all kinds of ways. From realistic painting to more design based work like I do for my clients (I started out a realistic painter which many of you may not know). I'd like to guage how much interest a class like this would have. It would cost around $500 and be 10 or 11 weeks long, meeting once a week in an online meeting.

    Let me know your thoughts about this. Thanks!


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    it would be limited to 15 people...

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    I like the idea of more live classes with feedback. With this particular one, are you thinking of pitching it at the beginner-medium, or medium-advanced level of Photoshop usage? Or could it be a something-for-everyone kind of class?

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    As much as I would love the idea of spanning the arc from realistic to design-heavy work, the price tag would be too steep for me. I have done already a few digital painting courses, and I would be concerned that the elements of new learning (which are sure to be there!) would be mixed with a lot of content that I have already touched on in one way or other. I would love to watch the recording, though!
    The possibility of live-critique is of course always worth it.
    Have you thought about offering live critique sessions more often?

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    @Dulcie This would be a class where you would have to have a very basic understanding of photoshop. How to use layers, easy selections, basic brushes, etc. I start from ground zero though in terms of the content.

    @smceccarelli I think you are probably right about this one based on the work I've seen from you. This one I would say is for beginner through medium level painters. It's not going to go into advanced topics like rendering fur and stuff like that. It will be about surface control like this (minus the fur): 0_1470948564705_material_rendering_assignment_by_reneaugustus-d4cdqof.jpg

    And then about controlling bigger value patterns in illustrations like this: 0_1470948634630_value_swatches1.jpg

    All the way to doing fully realistic painting like this from Scott Robertson: 0_1470948755869_Industrial-Design-105.jpg

    Then on to lighting studies, and other exercises...

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    @Lee-White I just signed up a few days ago for the Writing Picture Books class and would definitely be interested in more live classes and one like the one you are considering running. Overall, it would really depend on when it launches.

    But I do definitely feel like the SVS live classes are well worth the price tag, especially for people like me who can't go the traditional art school route and I try to budget for them because they have been so very helpful.

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    I'd be along the same lines as smceccarelli I can render pretty well when I want to. And I've got Photoshop down pretty well from years of use. I'd be more interested in live critique and portfolio reviews.

  • Good idea, make it one we have to qualify for though and limit the students.

  • This sounds legit.

    And, knowing your experience and knowledge in the practical, business aspect of the illustration world would make me feel confident that it would be worth the investment if we were to get some personal feedback on assignments or work done pertaining to the class. My thoughts are that getting some feedback/critique on my work would be a very important point for me personally when considering paying for a live class, because there are so many pretty good free (or very inexpensive) video courses out there. That personal feedback and direction from a seasoned professional however, would make the $500 price-point you mentioned very attractive.

    All the best, and thanks for the "How to Make Money in Illustration" videos you've created. Just got through the first and have learned so much valuable info that has helped me make some major career decisions and formulate a more concrete plan on how to break into the industry (Just posted a topic in this forum asking for any info/advice on how to break into the educational section of children's book publishing, as you mentioned that is an easier way to wiggle into that market. If you have any pointers on that I would super appreciate you sharing them:

    All the best,


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