August 3rd Thursday!

  • So this is where I started and I really liked where I was going but felt it didn't fully answer the prompt and I didn't want to keep moving forward with other characters if I was already thinking this may be going in the wrong I kept sketching...

    And came up with this:
    I started thinking about what if I took 4 of the most unlikely characters (well to me anyways..) and put them in a rock band called "The Ruby Slippers" or "The Yellow Bricks" idk (working titles lol) of course they will have character elements that will tell you who each one is meant to be but I just really liked this idea and thought it could be developed into so much more down the road... I did start adding some color but I thought I would get some feedback before moving to a finished line up.

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    @Kekkerz86 Hey Keisha - these are looking good ... i think as far as the prompt goes we are supposed to keep to the story - the idea is that Wizard of Oz is the manuscript we have and we must illustrate it and these are our character designs... it could be wrong but i think this is true... that we should not change the story. So i think the improbable band idea is cool and a good drawing but i don't think it is what you should be doing for the prompt.... that being said the real idea of the prompt is to give us real world assignments to help fill our portfolios with good work so this drawing could work to that end for sure. One thing that i believe was mentioned in the video where Lee explained the prompt was that we should try to avoid having all of our characters in a straight on view - but maybe do some 3/4 views also - i do really like your first image too - anyways feel free to ignore and i hope someone jumps in with an apposing view if they think i'm off on the prompt idea 🙂

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    I think this is a really fun idea! Here is a quote from the original prompt: "One way to really get going on this assignment is to put the characters in different times in history. Steam punk, western, cave man, futuristic, Renaissance, etc, could all be options. Be creative and try to have fun with it. Put a fresh spin on these old characters that we know so well."
    So, I believe this is a valid approach for the challenge. The poses are nice and natural and the expression on the lion´s face is just perfect. Maybe the wicked witch should be sulking? One thought is to add short skirts of some type to the female characters - as a way to make their silhouettes more interesting and different from each other.

  • Hey @Kekkerz86 fun idea! I love all the details in their clothing, poses, etc.

    I would like to see Dorothy's shoes stand out more. In fact, I might suggest the other characters have shoes that are a different colour so that they're not all wearing red shoes. Or at least make Dorothy's a brighter red with sparkle. I think Dorothy could also be a little more punk rock. She's a bit school teacher meets ballet dancer.

    One thing jumped out at me immediately when I saw this. How do I put it? ahem I think Lion's pose is quite dirty. He looks like he's yanking something if you know what I mean. Maybe you could move his forward hand to the left more so that it's not centered over his crotch area?

    Wicked Witch is so awesome. I might be rooting for her for once haha

  • There's just something that tickles me about the scarecrow as well. All the other characters are ready to rock, and he's just gaping off to the side - which is what you'd expect from a scarecrow with no brain. Nice character element.

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think I took a little bit from everyone's feedback and adjusted the design: The image below is what I turned in. I was really liking the first round of color comps I did but ended up running out of time and had to re-adjust my style a bit. I still like the outcome but just wished I gave myself enough time to really achieve what I wanted to do...

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