August 3rd Thursday sketch

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    I'm working on my wizard of oz characters. I have struggled a bit ok a lot and have ended up with these simple designs. Do you think they all belong in the same world? Thanks for any comments. 0_1470172515035_Oz group.jpg

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    I feel they are all in the same world, but what is your theme/concept for them? The lion is supposed to be anthropomorphic. Maybe give him more human features.

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    @Chip-Valecek I don't think you need a theme, just a redo of the character design. I will have a think about the lion thanks 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @Jason-Bowen Hey Jason - this is from the prompt - i bolded the part that stands out for me

    "This month's challenge is all about character design. Your task is to redesign 4 of the characters from The Wizard of Oz.

    Content: You can use ANY 4 characters in The Wizard of Oz. It doesn’t have to be the main 4 characters. We also don’t need a background on this one, so don’t waste time there. This one is a character design challenge.

    Style: You are free to explore any style you like. Don’t worry about keeping it to animation or “concept art” style, etc. I went with a print-making style of the flying monkey. Have fun with it and use a style you like. One way to really get going on this assignment is to put the characters in different times in history. Steam punk, western, cave man, futuristic, Renaissance, etc, could all be options. Be creative and try to have fun with it. Put a fresh spin on these old characters that we know so well.

    What we are looking for: We are looking for a cohesive style for the work. We are looking carefully at your design and pose to convey character and emotion. Pose is extremely important for this one since you don’t have a background or scene to help tell the story."

    i think that Lee is suggesting that by placing the characters in a different milieu that it might help us with the prompt and give us better success - but it is not a requirement of the prompt itself - i am doing a fairly straight interpretation myself though - so i would agree that a theme is not required by the prompt:)

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