Will Terry's dancing penguins warmup via youtube

  • Hello everyone! I am a new member here, and excited to get better at various aspects of illustration. I found out about SVS through Will Terry's youtube channel after searching for videos having to do with children's illustration.

    One of his videos was on warming up by drawing penguins dancing and using a reference of people dancing from google. I did that in my art book, and then decided it would be fun to paint. So what you see here is my sketch on my illustration board, and then I transfered a photo I took to my ipad and started messing with different color ideas in procreate before I begin painting it.

    Glad to be here, and hope to be an active member!



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    ha! Ha! Very cute 🙂

  • Thank you, Marsha!!!

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    @Eric-Castleman welcome to SVS.

  • Thank you, Chip! @Chip-Valecek

  • I started to paint the my picture the other day, and I am looking for some good critiques from anyone. One of my issues is that I didn't want to add black lining in the picture, but before I did, it just didn't pop enough. Anything else anyone feels like critiquing feel free to be as honest as you want.


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    @Eric-Castleman Hey Eric - I am a fellow procreate user... i love procreate! Anyways...nice painting - i am not the best with color but for me i think if there is an issue it may be about value and shape - i think of Will's penguins as plump little beans or peanut shapes - i think if you shade the form with this in mind and don't think about the contour lines that separate local the colors on the penguins that it will read better - i did a quick version of what i'm talking about - i turned your drawing to gray scale, shaded a bit and added a color layer and a tiny drop shadow - i think the main thing was to go darker in areas to make the light areas have more punch - i also cleaned up the silhouette a bit to help the shape read better - these may not actually be improvements though - just my thoughts 🙂


  • @Kevin-Longueil that looks fantastic! My wife was suggesting that I wasn't going dark enough in certain areas and that seems to be the case. Thank you very much for taking the time to do that work.

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