I learned this from July 3rd Thursday - what did you learn?

  • Last night when I got home, I was excited to see that the video form 3rd Thursday was up! (is it possible to see the critique "live"? It is probably in the middle of the night here but it would be nice to know anyway)

    This month was the first time I participated and I was a bit nervous. Would my entry be included and if so - what would they say?

    So, I sat down and watched the video. When I'd listen to the part about my work - I laughed! They were so nice and polite in pointing out my mistakes - I shouldn't have worried at all! And they were spot on with their coments - exactly the things I myself felt was off where the things they thought I needed to correct. To me it means that I can (sort of) trust my gut feeling about what is wrong. I was a bit afraid that there would be major issues with things I didn't see myself, and therefore harder for me to work on.

    As I understood - the major issues with my entry where:

    • Large figure - to heavy texture
    • Inconcistent style between the two figures
    • Poorly chosen moment in time (I choose after - not before or during)

    I agree with them all! In my opinion - my two main mistakes were that I didn't put enought time into the drawing and I worked on a too small paper. The resaon my figures look so different is partly due to me using a much to small paper. However, what I really tried to work with in my entry was composition (that is one of my weaknesses) and I'm very happy that the composition didn't come through as a major issue! Not to say it is good now, but had I done this a month ago it probably would have been! So - my take home message from this will be - next time:

    • Keep up the routine of doing many more thumbnails!
    • Consider illustrating before, during and after before deciding
    • Use a bigger paper...
    • Try to give the whole thing more time (this entry took me about two hours to complete)

    Thoughts? Comments? What did you pick out as areas of improvement for yourself?

    By the way - here is my entry (I use colored pencil, watercolor and ink - size about 21x30 cm):

    0_1469267608300_AaseBergstroem small.jpg

    In all - it was fun, and I will absoluetly try to participate again!

  • Hey there (in Sweden)? The Netherlands here! I think that the Composition is really Good. The best thing about the critiques is that next time you'll consider them, with every piece you make, all tips and tricks help to become a better artist. I love the contest but it was already a view moths since I've laste entered. The live version is 3 at night, but its nice to join in the live class. Keep up the good work!

  • @Leontine Hello Netherlands! Thank you! Yes - I live in Sweden. So the live version is at 3am? Oh my. Good to know though! Do they broacast it on Youtube or here? I'm so happy you like the composition - it means a lot to hear after trying hard to improve! 🙂

  • @grafithjarta I really liked your Triton-like figure, and the texture on him. I agree, it is so helpful to get a critique and have someone else's eyes look at your art to see what's working or not working. I got a bit carried away with my piece - the fish in the tank - and I lost the concept which is a big no no. I hope to see you enter more, I really like your style of art.

  • @Rebecca-Hirsch Thank you! You know, I honestly didn't agree with the critique you got about the concept. I can clearly see the danger with a cat sleeping right next to the tank! I think it was an imaginative picture and good light in the tank, and I love the dummy they are about to replace Willie with!

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    @grafithjarta I see what you are saying about there being a cat there, but the visuals didn't reinforce that idea. The only reason it might seem dangerous is that we, as viewers, KNOW that cats like to eat fish. But in the illustration, there didn't seem to be any threat at all of THAT cat eating a fish. It looked like two pets that were used to each other. In terms of concept, it definitely could work. But the visuals need to support the idea a bit more.

  • @Lee-White Agreed. It was a forehead smacking moment when you pointed out the fish didn't really need rescuing. The story in my head did not translate well and it was a very helpful critique.

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