3rd Thursday!

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    Really, how can I not do the musketeers? I have never done character development, so I am looking forward to this. What do you think? I always love the critique you guys give... but before you start, I did want Dorothy to be very small, petite and the tin man to be very large... I might push this even further!

  • Cool concept. I like the idea of Dorothy being way smaller.

    Few things to consider:

    1. If you look at some 4 musketeers images, you'll notice that the rapiers normally cross all at the same point. However that might be difficult to pull of in your case since Dorothy is so small and tin man may be even taller. Maybe they could be crossed in front, not over the heads or they can be pointing their rapiers outwards and not crossing them at al.

    2. Obviously the tin man would not be able to put his hat on because of that funnel on his head. I think there are a few options: make the hat taller or shape his funnel to appear more like a musketeer hat.

    Have you considered adding moustache and goatee to some of the characters? That's kind of iconic part of musketeers too.

    If you want to make things even more interesting you may think what kind of personalities the original 4 musketeers had and how to reflect it in the characters you are creating.

  • Great idea!
    My suggestion:

    • at the moment the characters are too similar to their normal selves, the only difference is they have their blue musketeer shirts and swords, twist features to a greater extent to be more personified to being a musketeer?e.g lion's mane forms a beard/ mustache, tin man's funnel becomes a helmet of sorts etc.

    I'm liking the pose and arrangement, especially that the swords don't cross evenly. I like the tin man's smile a lot.

    Looking good so far!

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    The cowardly lion, as a musketeer. Any thoughts of how I can push it further!

  • SVS OG

    Dont' forget his tail! hehe! Lets see...he's the cowardly lion, would he have a very long sharp pointy sword, or a teeny wobbly rubber one? Maybe the feather on his hat being huge and flopping over the front of his hat so he could hide behind it? I really love the overall feel of him, nicely done!

  • I think I need to rework the hat so it looks more correctly placed on his head. I might make that feather huge... interesting idea. The tail is done, but I put the wrong pic up... thanks!

  • Thoughts for other character groups... here are some, add your thoughts...
    Spacemen/Star Trek, Sleepy Hollow, tom sawyer, huck finn, the two aunts..., Civil war characters, Jack Queen King Ace cards, Peanuts gang, samurai, old west, downton abbey,

  • Pro SVS OG

    And here a couple more: steampunk, as animals, as Egyptians, as cops, as Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, as a rock, punk or classic music group, as explorers/archeologists.

  • @smceccarelli nice thoughts... I read that some were not starting with the concept and I thought maybe we could help them...

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    I am actually doing punk inspired theme.

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