Match Girl Color Script and treatment studies

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    The little match girl I am working on here is emphasis on the girl. If you recall the girl is basically ignored so I want to put focus on her. Here are different treatments I am considering to achieve that.

    These are super fast and loose to keep my momentum and passion for the final render. Here are some ideas I had about finishing for the picture book. Can I get your vote on which one you think works best. a. monochromatic b. full strong color c. black and white with color accents for the flame or d. pale color scheme with more vibrant colors for the girl. Please do not judge the rendering as these are were super quick studies but I would like to hear opinion on this.

  • SVS OG

    @Chris-Perry The squint test says "C" for me - but i think i may have a strong affinity to black and white 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thank you. I like a good black and white myself. It was actually my original thought when creating this that I would have the images a black and white reminiscent of ash and have the flame as spot colors and perhaps the girl should be subtly colored as well as if she was a flame before her flame goes out. Thanks for your input. With many counselors a plan is established.

  • I like C the most for it's readability and the fact that it's a cold snowy environment draws a greater emotional reaction towards the girl 🙂

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